How can one know that they are anaemic without medical tests?

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Anemia is a medical condition of the human body where the red blood cells diminish and their low count will have negative effects on human health. This is a condition where the body absorbs less iron and that too it cannot retain resulting in Iron deficiency in the body.

Symptoms of anemia

Anemia has certain symptoms that help in its identification and diagnosis. Generally, the anemic person shows signs of fatigue, lethargy, stress, exhaustion, dizziness, and complaints of a headache and has cold hands and feet. But general weakness too could give similar symptoms.

How can one really recognize the symptoms of anemia by themselves? What self-help tests or techniques can guide one to arrive at the identification of iron deficiency or anemia?

Self-help tests to diagnose Anemia

Usually blood tests and doctors investigation and check up helps an individual in knowing his ailment or naming it.But close observation of one’s body can also help in recognizing the symptoms of anemia at home before consulting a doctor or even without getting medical tests done.

The following are certain simple tests that one can conduct on oneself to check for anemia:

  • Eyelids: Simply stretch your eyelid and pull it down. Observe the color beneath or rather inside the eye in a mirror. If the color is pink, then it is normal. But if it is pale in color, then one is said to be anemic.

  • Nails: Brittle nails are a sure sign of iron deficiency. Observe the half moon on the nails at the nail bed. If the nail is pressed and the half moon remains pink or red then it is considered to be normal. But if the nail bed turns bluish then one is said to be anemic.

  • Lips: The color of lips looks pale if one is anemic.

  • Hair: Brittle hair is also a sign of iron deficiency or anemia.

  • Test on the cheek: Rub on one cheek with a gold ring and check in the mirror. If it leaves a bluish trail on the cheek in the part where it has been rubbed then it means one is anemic.

Such simple self-help tests can help one in saving time and in starting treatment to overcome iron deficiency through enriched diet at home and through iron-fortified food supplements. But a doctor should be consulted for best advice to overcome the ailment.

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