How are teeth of humans and other mammals categorized?

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Teeth are the only part of the body which we neglect to take care of and regret at old age. Teeth are must if you want to savor the taste of food as you grow old.

There are basically two types of teeth:

  • Primary (commonly known as milk teeth)
  • Permanent

Primary Teeth − This type of teeth are present in infants or children until they are of a certain age (mostly pre-teens). As we grow old the teeth grow with us to become permanent teeth.

Permanent Teeth − This type of teeth will be with you till you die and mature as you grow old.

Permanent teeth are categorized into 4 types:

  • Incisors
  • Canines
  • Pre-Molars
  • Molars


These are the pair of eight teeth that are directly situated in the center and front of our mouth. They are distributed as 4 Upper-jaw and 4 Lower-jaw. These teeth are immensely important as we take our first bite out of anything with the help of these incisors. They develop a formidable shape between ages 6-8 years.


Canines are the sharpest of all. These teeth first appear at 12-18 months of age and then take their lifelong formidable shape between 11-13 years age. Canines need to be taken proper care of as they play a major role in digestion since they help you wear and tear food. Similar to incisors two are located on the Upper-jaw and two are located on the Lower-jaw.


Pre-Molars are situated on either side of the mouth in deep settings. The main purpose of Pre-Molars is chewing and grinding food to turn it into a semi-liquid form making it easy to gulp and digest. The Pre-Molars in the Upper-jaw appear at the age of 10, whereas, the Pre-Molars in the Lower-jaw appear at the age of 11.


This is the final set of teeth which adds two more sets of teeth to the Pre-Molar as a formidable replacement. Molars start to appear at the age of 11-13 years. Molars stay in the same form for your entire life. Molars help Pre-Molars do their job prominently.

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