GitLab - Create Groups


Creating group helps to connect multiple repositories and allows members to access the project by giving permissions on the group level.

Steps for Creating Group

Step 1 − Login to your GitLab account and click on the Groups menu −

GitLab Creating Group

Step 2 − Next, you will get the below screen and click on the New group button to create a group −

GitLab Creating Group

Step 3 − Enter the Group name, Description, visibility level(Private/Public/Internal) and also you can set the image for the group of your choice which should be within 200kb in size. Now click on the Create group button.

GitLab Creating Group

Step 4 − Next, it will display the success message after creating the group as shown below −

GitLab Creating Group

Step 5 − Now, go back to your Groups section and you will see the created group in the list −

GitLab Creating Group
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