GitLab CI - Introduction


GitLab CI (Continuous Integration) service is a part of GitLab which manages the project and user interface and allows unit tests on every commit and indicates with warning message when there is an unsuccessful of build.


  • It is integrated in GitLab interface.

  • It has earned more popularity in the past few years due to its simple usage, faster results etc.

  • It allows the project team members to integrate their work daily.

  • The integration errors can be identified easily by an automated build.

  • It can be executed on multiple platforms such as Windows, Unix, OSX and other platforms which support Go programming language.


  • It is easy to learn, use and scalable.

  • It displays the faster results as it divides the each build into multiple jobs that run on multiple machines.

  • It is free and open source software which is added in both GitLab Community Edition and the proprietary GitLab Enterprise Edition.

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