GitLab - Adding Users

In this chapter, we will discuss about how to add users to your project in the GitLab.

Steps for Adding User

Step 1 − Login to your GitLab account and go to your project under Projects section.

GitLab Create Branch

Step 2 − Next, click on the Members option under Settings tab −

GitLab Adding User

Step 3 − It will open the below screen to add the member to your project −

GitLab Adding User

Step 4 − Now enter the user name, role permission, expiration date(optional) and click on Add to project button to add the user to project −

GitLab Adding User

Step 5 − Next, you will get a successful message after adding user to the project.

GitLab Adding User

The highlighted box in the above image indicates, a new user has been added to the project −

Step 6 − You can also add user to the project by clicking on the Import button −

GitLab Adding User

Step 7 − Now select the project from which you want to add the user to your project and click on the Import project members button −

GitLab Adding User

Step 8 − You will get a success message after importing user to the project −

GitLab Adding User
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