FuelPHP - Introduction


FuelPHP is an open source web application framework. It is written in PHP 5.3 and implements HMVC pattern. HMVC is Hierarchical Model-View-Controller framework that allows to sub-request the controller, which returns the partial page such as comments, menus, etc., instead of the complete page as in normal MVC.

FuelPHP is created with a desire to incorporate best practices from frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Kohana with improvements and ideas of its own. FuelPHP database migration tool and scaffolding functionalities are inspired by the popular Ruby on Rails framework.

  • FuelPHP leverages the power of command line through a utility called "Oil". The utility is designed to help speed up development, increase efficiency, testing, debugging, and HTML support.

  • FuelPHP is purely an object-oriented approach. Its architecture is based on the idea of modularity. Applications can be divided into modules and every component can be extended or replaced without rewriting a single line of code. Fuel supports any template parser such as Smarty, Twig, PHPTal, etc. for parsing views.

  • FuelPHP community is large and active with over 300 contributors. Its large community regularly creates and improves packages and extensions. The main objective of FuelPHP framework is to provide flexibility and compatibility. It is fast, easy to learn, and a complete solution for developing web applications.

  • What makes FuelPHP one of the premier frameworks used by PHP developers is that – the new version of FuelPHP is reverse-compatible with its older versions because of its stable API. It is extremely flexible.

  • Packages and modules make it easy and simple to reuse an existing code in a systematic way. FuelPHP offers maximum performance through a small library. Its interactive debugging allows to easily eliminate the errors in development. Also, its clean and stable code makes programming easier.

FuelPHP - Features

FuelPHP offers lot of features to create a full-fledged web application. It provides flexible components, simple configuration, easy-to-use ORM, REST based application development mode, etc. Following are some of the salient features −

  • Flexible and community driven web framework
  • Easy to configure and use
  • FuelPHP is extremely portable, works on almost any server
  • Flexible URI routing system
  • FuelPHP provides RESTful API development support
  • Lightweight ORM model
  • Input filtering and prevents SQL injection
  • Secure authentication and authorization framework
  • Code reusable and easier to maintain
  • Autoloading classes, Session management, and Exception handling.

FuelPHP - Advantages

FuelPHP is an elegant HMVC PHP 5.3 framework that provides a set of components for building web applications with the following advantages −

  • Modular structure − Fuel doesn’t force you to use modules or an HMVC file structure. If you want to use, the process is quite easy to integrate. FuelPHP apps are created in a modular structure and becomes easier for developers with clear benefits.

  • HMVC pattern − The most important feature of this framework is HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) which makes it easy to access or use any properties, class methods, functions, files at higher level.

  • Secure hashing function − FuelPHP supports strong cryptography tools and password hashing techniques. It handles encryption, decryption, and hashing using the powerful PHPSecLib.

  • Scaffolding functionality − Scaffolding is a meta-programming method for building database operations. Fuel’s scaffolding is pretty easy. It allows you to get a basic CRUD application with very simple steps.

The following popular products use FuelPHP Framework −

  • Matic Technology − Global provider of offshore custom software development solutions. At Matic Technologies, they provide all the best possible solutions through FuelPHP according to the requirements of the client.

  • Kroobe − Kroobe is a social networking classifieds company. Fuel offers extremely low development costs and services to Kroobe team to achieve efficient solution.