Feeling Tuned Out? 9 Reasons Why Men Don’t Listen

"My partner doesn't listen to me!" If you've been complaining to your friends, coworkers, or therapist about how your boyfriend or spouse never listens to you, you may be relieved to learn that you don't have to try to change him to improve your communication.

Men and women use different words and solve problems differently as a species. In general, men and women alike are poor listeners. They've listened to you and decided how they think you should respond. Men and women are just as open to hearing new ideas no matter where they are. When it comes to communicating, the only thing that makes women different from men is their feelings. Many men don't let their feelings control them. They should have a clearer start, middle, and end.

Here are nine surprising reasons why your relationship's communication has broken down and ways to fix it.

Guys hate Being on the Receiving end of your Rants

Your man will stop listening to you if you keep using him as a punching bag, even if he doesn't deserve it. Guys don't like it when you go on and on about things that have nothing to do with them. You can't expect your partner to dislike this annoying coworker as much as you do.

Guys Can't Figure Out What Women Want

Most of the time, women use their speech to show how they feel in a way that some men have trouble understanding. Most of the time, men say what they want or need. Women need language to think, make sense of their feelings, and work through their thoughts.

A man has to get to the point quickly. It's not unusual for a woman to find it hard to say what she wants to say in a way that will get her heard. Most women are likely to be affected by how other people feel. They have no plans to hurt anyone. They care about other people and are very aware of their surroundings.

Ladies Can Do It All

It seems like a million things can go wrong in a day, and most of them are the responsibility of women. They are a mother, an employee, the owner of a business, a wife, a daughter, and more. Maybe all they need is to be held and thanked for their efforts. The only thing that matters to them at work is feeling like they are doing their best.

A woman must feel safe with her boyfriend because she doesn't want him to treat her like anything. Men often carry their hats around during the day. To deal with their problems, they often pull away from society. When a woman asks for advice, it's usually because she doesn't know what to do or wants to feel backed up in her choices.

Guys Understand that you take Disagreement with Them

Both of you might have different opinions sometimes. He also knows how much you hate it when someone challenges you to do something. So, instead of arguing with you, he will just let whatever you say go out the other ear. If we're both going to be bothered by a fight, I'd rather not listen to you.

Guys Have a Natural Talent for Fix Things

Men are more into fixing things than women. Men stop listening when their partners have a problem, but when a woman brings it up, they say they don't want it solved. Guys often want to face a problem straight on and solve it for good. They can't break it down and think of fifty ways to deal with it, so they can't find a way to handle it. He hopes with all his heart that she finds happiness. When a woman tells her man he is not the one who needs to find a solution, he will stop listening.

Men Dislike Being Interrupted

Let's be honest: most women can keep up with a guy in a conversation. She will keep pushing her way into the conversation if he gives his opinion in the middle of what she's saying, and it's not as good as what she's thinking. Men don't like it when their ideas or conversations are cut off. You need at least one other person for a relationship or conversation. This has two points of view. Remember that the letters in the word "listen" can also be used to spell "silence."

Men may now be Mentally Busy

Your man may have problems of his own from time to time. You can't blame him if he doesn't talk to you. He might be thinking about something else. Also, you should try to understand what he's going through. There is no such thing as a relationship that only benefits one person.

Guys have Little Interest in Hearing Gossip

Men really couldn't care less about the lives of celebrities. They don't care about your coworker's problems at home. Your partner wants to know more about you and where you come from. He wants to know about your hopes, plans for the future, and what's going on in his area. He doesn't talk much about his friends or the problems they have.

If you find it hard to listen to him talk about video games, cars, sports, or his job, you can only imagine how boring it is to hear him talk about something that has nothing to do with him. Guys lose interest in these kinds of talks pretty quickly.

Like Women, Guys want Attention

Men also need to be cared for, but not as much as women. Use words that make him feel good, talk to him with affection, show that you care about him as much as you care about yourself, and listen to what he says with interest. Conversations go both ways. The way you think affects how well you listen. For it to work, both sides must do everything they can to make it happen.


So, girls, don't freak out when you can't figure out why your man sometimes acts like a fool. He's just not on the same wavelength as you. You should try to figure out what's going on with him and put yourself in his place. There's a good reason why you might feel like he's not paying full attention to you. In reality, there are several choices. So, those are the top nine reasons why your partner isn't listening to what you say.

Updated on: 07-Mar-2023


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