Explain JMeter installation in macOS

JMeter installation is done in MacOS by following the below steps −

Step1 − Navigate to the below URL −


Step2 − Navigate to the section Apache JMeter <version number>, then click on the link with the .tgz file(to download) as highlighted below −

Step3 − Click on the downloaded file, a folder named: apache-jmeter-5.4.3 gets created. Here, 5.4.3 is the JMeter version. Open the folder, we should have the content as shown below −

Step4 − Open Terminal and navigate to the location of the bin folder(which is within the apache-jmeter-5.4.3 folder) and run the below command −

sh jmeter.sh

After successfully running the above command, the JMeter should open in the macOS.

Updated on: 08-Feb-2022

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