Cypress Installation (Test Automation)

To do Cypress installation, first of all we need to download Node as to work with the Javascript tool we need to have Node in our system.

Next we need to visit the official website − and download as per system requirements.

For a windows system, we just need to proceed the steps one by one. It shall be stored in the Program files. We need to set the path of the node home in the environment variables.

Next for working on Cypress, we need to have an editor on our system. We can download Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor to write our Javascript code. Then we need to import the project to this editor.

The next step is to generate the package.json file in our project. This is achieved by running the command npm init. from the command prompt. We need to provide some metadata information and proceed with the json file generation.

Now to install the Cypress in our system we should use the command npm install cypress --save-dev. This command shall install the tool in our local machine as a development dependency for our project.

The project dependencies shall be stored in the package.json file. For the next time Cypress installation we should only use the command npm install.

Updated on: 05-Aug-2020


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