Excel Power View - Creation


Power View is like a canvas on which you can have any number of visualizations based on your Data Model. You need to start with creating a Power View sheet and then add fields from the data tables to Power View to visualize and explore data.

Before you start your data exploration with Power View, make sure that the Power View add-in enabled and available on the Ribbon.

Click the INSERT tab on the Ribbon. Power View should be visible on the Ribbon in the Reports group.


Enabling Power View Add-in

If you do not find Power View on the Ribbon, you need to enable the Power View add-in.

  • Click the File tab on the Ribbon.

  • Click Options.

  • Click Add-Ins in the Excel Options dialog box.

  • Click the drop-down arrow in the Manage box.

  • Select COM Add-ins from the dropdown list and click Go.

Excel Options Dialog Box

The COM Add-ins dialog box appears. Check the box Power View and click OK.

COM Add-Ins

Power View will be visible on the Ribbon.

Creating a Power View Sheet

You can create a Power View from the data tables in the Data Model.

Suppose you have the following Data Model in your workbook.

Power View Sheet

To create a Power View sheet, do the following −

  • Click the INSERT tab on the Ribbon in Excel window.
  • Click Power View in the Reports group.

Opening Power View message box appears with a horizontally scrolling green status bar. This might take a little while.

Opening Power View

The Power View sheet is created as a worksheet in your Excel workbook. It contains an empty Power View area, Filters area and the Power View Fields list displaying the tables in the Data Model. Power View appears as a tab on the Ribbon in the Power View sheet.

Power View Sheet1

You will understand these different parts of the Power View sheet in the next chapter.

Creating a Power View

In this section, you will understand how to create a Power View in the Power View sheet.

Suppose you want to display the medals that each country has won.

Select the fields Country and Medal from the Results table. These two fields appear under FIELDS in the Areas. Power View will be displayed as a Table with the two selected fields as columns.

Selected Fields

As you can see, Power View is displaying which medals each country has won.

  • Click the Title of the Power View sheet.
  • Type Medals.