Excel Charts - Introduction


In Microsoft Excel, charts are used to make a graphical representation of any set of data. A chart is a visual representation of data, in which the data is represented by symbols such as bars in a bar chart or lines in a line chart.

Charts Group

You can find the Charts group under the INSERT tab on the Ribbon.


The Charts group on the Ribbon looks as follows −

Charts group

The Charts group is formatted in such a way that −

  • Types of charts are displayed.

  • The subgroups are clubbed together.

  • It helps you find a chart suitable to your data with the button Recommended Charts.

Chart Tools

When you click on a chart, a new tab Chart Tools is displayed on the ribbon. There are two tabs under CHART TOOLS −

Chart Tools

Recommended Charts

The Recommended Charts command on the Insert tab helps you to create a chart that is just right for your data.

Recommended Charts

To use Recommended charts −

Step 1 − Select the data.

Step 2 − Click Recommended Charts.

A window displaying the charts that suit your data will be displayed.

Using Recommended Charts