Excel Charts - Bubble Chart


A Bubble chart is like a Scatter chart with an additional third column to specify the size of the bubbles it shows to represent the data points in the data series.

Step 1 − Place the X-Values in a row or column and then place the corresponding Y-Values in the adjacent rows or columns on the worksheet.

Step 2 − Select the data.

Step 3 − On the INSERT tab, in the Charts group, click the Scatter (X, Y) chart or Bubble chart icon on the Ribbon.

Insert Bubble Chart

You will see the different types of available Bubble charts.

A Bubble chart has the following sub-types −

  • Bubble
  • 3-D Bubble
Types of Bubble Chart

Step 4 − Point your mouse on each of the icons. A preview of that chart type will be shown on the worksheet.

Preview Bubble Chart

Step 5 − Double-click the chart type that suits your data.

In this chapter, you will understand when the Bubble Chart is useful.

Bubble and 3-D Bubble

Bubble and 3-D Bubble charts are useful to compare three sets of values and show relationships between the sets of values. The third value specifies the size of the bubble.

A Bubble chart shows the data in 2-D format. 3-D Bubble chart shows the data in 3-D format without using a depth axis

Bubble and 3-D Bubble