Cybersecurity Awarness: A Real-World Perspective on Cybercrime & Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity Awarness: A Real-World Perspective on Cybercrime & Cyberattacks

Cyber Security Demystified for non-techie, organizations, students, teachers, kids, law enforcement, women and for the common man.

   Formats - PDF

   Pages - 133

   ISBN - PP0001

   Cyber Security, IT & Software, Network & Security

   Edition - First

  Language - English

   Published on 02/2022



Cybersecurity Awareness: A Real-World Perspective on Cybercrime & Cyberattacks. 

Cyber Security Demystified for non-techie, organizations, students, teachers, kids, law enforcement, women and for the common man.

Learn how Not to be phished, exploited, defrauded, 50+ practical tips, Counter ATP, Email Scams, Vishing Calls, WhatsApp Scams, Zero-day Threat, Cloud Security, Social engineering attacks, Ransomware risk, Online Banking Frauds, Dating Scams, PDoS, data security, Tor and lot more.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction Pg.8
  • Don't fall in love with pdf attachments: PDF attacks - the dedication of the criminals Pg. 10
  • Image can hack your WhatsApp account - risk, threats and countermeasures Pg. 12
  • Hookups on public Wi-Fi could be deadly pg. 13
  • Don't leave your cookies for others Pg. 15
  • You don't share underwear... Then why do you share your OTP (one-time password)? Pg. 17
  • IoT: what is it? How vulnerable is it and how to protect your IoT devices? Pg. 20
  • What's on cloud? How it can be breached? Pg. 23
  • HTTPS security be compromised Pg. 26
  • Ftp File Transfer Security Risk. What is FTP? Threat, Risk, Vulnerability & Countermeasures Pg. 28
  • Online Job, Friendship Club Fraud and Dating Scams  Pg. 30
  • Bot is not so hot! - Threats, protection and defense for you and your family, friends and organization. Pg. 33
  • Antivirus & free Antivirus: The Fake Zone of Security. Pg. 36
  • Endpoint protection - End Zero Day Pg. 38
  • Know how Firewall catch fire (Security holes) Pg. 40
  • Stinking passwords Pg. 42
  • Call frauds and card cloning - Don’t lose your hard-earned money  Pg. 44
  • Trash can crash your bottom-line Pg. 49
  • Web site vulnerability Pg. 54
  • Plain text attacks Pg. 58
  • Pop up Malicious ads Pg. 60
  • WhatsApp spam Pg. 62
  • Overlooked social media scams Pg. 65
  • Bitcoin Scams Pg. 68
  • Malicious apps Pg. 70
  • Secure your secured browser Pg. 72
  • Don't track me Pg. 75
  • 2FA - double protection for you Pg. 77
  • Don't allow skimmers to skim away hard-earned money from ATM Pg. 79
  • Anti-zero-day Pg. 80
  • What's NFC? What's RFID? How hackable is it? What are the protection measures? Pg. 83
  • One click threats Pg. 85
  • Block ATP attacks: tips to deal and counter it Pg. 87
  • Email scams (credit limit lowered, jobs offer, private venture scams) & protection tips Pg. 89
  • Ransomware: Is the biggest threat to your data. Tips to protect your critical or sensitive data and information Pg. 96
  • P2P threats: All are invited... But think twice before you join. Pg. 99
  • Risk Management Policy: How it's a countermeasure for cyber threats and security risks? Pg. 100
  • Safety tips for Tor users: Checklist for privacy revealed Pg. 102
  • Link attacks Pg. 104
  • Human (Mind) re-engineering: Is the Number 1 threat. Protect yourself and create awareness culture. Pg. 106
  • Assess your vulnerability and patch it quickly Pg. 109
  • Super-fast exploration targets - office, adobe reader, flash players, Internet Explorer Pg. 110
  • RAT... Smell Awful! Must know threats and tips to avoid RAT (Remote Access Trojan) Pg. 112
  • Google drive attacks and threats Pg. 114
  • Admin Rights is not the Birth Rights for everyone: Control and Strategies for administrative rights Pg. 115
  • Why should you keep your employees happy? Pg. 116
  • Browser Bot: What is it? How it hijacks your data, privacy and launch hacking attacks. Pg. 117
  • Hacker can compromise your system with QR Code Pg. 118
  • What is Metadata? How hackers steal data? How privacy is at stake? Pg. 119
  • Dating apps and security risk Pg. 121
  • Don’t get pawned by Vishing Calls and Smishing Frauds Pg. 122
  • DDS (Default Deadly Settings) Pg. 125
  • GPS and Privacy at Stake Pg. 127
  • Creepy apps on Google Play Store and tips to protect yourself Pg. 128
  • PDoS (Permanent Denial of Service Pg. 130
  • Cyber Bullying Pg. 132

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