Differentiate between Datagram Approach and Virtual Circuit in Computer Network.

Datagram Approach

A packet-switching technology in which a packet exists is called a datagram. It is treated as a separate entity. Each packet includes data about the destination, and the switch helps this data forward the packet to the right destination. It is also known as connectionless switching.

Virtual Circuit

Virtual Circuit is also referred to as connection-oriented switching. A fixed, consistent direction through the transmitter’s network is settled in the virtual circuit method earlier any packets are transmitted. This direction remains constant for the session period.


The major differences between the datagram approach and virtual circuit are as follows −

Datagram ApproachVirtual Circuit
There is no dedicated transmission path.There is also no dedicated transmission path.
There is a network responsible for individual packets.There is a network responsible for packet sequences.
The route is established for each table.The route is established for the entire conversation.
It is suitable for a few packets in data communication.It is suitable for longer data transmission.
There is no connection established.Connection is established.
Datagram approaches are not dependable because the connectionless property creates data packets that reach the destination. It is different from the order in which they were transmitted.It provides a dependable communication function to provide that each group appears correctly and the sets remain in the original order in which they were transmitted.
It is frequently used in the IP network which can be used for data service such as the internet.It can be used by the ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Network, which can be used for mobile calls.
The packets arrive at their intended destination in a multiple order in which they were transmitted.The packets continually reach their destined destination in the similar order in which they were transmitted.

Updated on: 05-May-2021

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