Differences between Virtual Circuits & Datagram Networks

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Both Virtual Circuits and Datagram Networks are the type of connection services which are used for transmission of information from sender to receiver.

Following are the important differences between Virtual Circuits & Datagram Networks −

Sr. No.KeyVirtual CircuitsDatagram Networks
1DefinitionVirtual Circuit is the connection oriented service in which there is a implementation of resources like buffers, CPU, bandwidth, etc., used by virtual circuit for a data transfer session.On other hand Datagram is the connection less service where no such resources are required for the data transmission.
2PathIn Virtual circuits as all the resources and bandwidth get reserved before the transmission, the path which is utilized or followed by first data packet would get fixed and all other data packets will use the same path and consume same resources.On other hand in case Datagram network, the path is not fixed as data packets are free to decide the path on any intermediate router on the go by dynamically changing routing tables on routers.
3HeaderAs there is same path followed by all the data packets, a common and same header is being used by all the packets.On other hand different headers with information of other data packet is being used in Datagram network.
4ComplexityVirtual Circuit is less complex as compared to that of Datagram network.However on other hand Datagram network are more complex as compared to Virtual circuit.
5ReliabilityDue to fixed path and assurance of fixed resources, Virtual Circuits are more reliable for data transmission as compared to Datagram network.On other hand Datagram network due to dynamic resource allocation and follow dynamic path is more prone to error and is less reliable than Virtual circuits.
6Example and CostVirtual circuits are costlier in installation and maintenance and are widely used by ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Network, which is used for the Telephone calls.On the other hand Datagram network are cheaper as compared to the Virtual Circuits and are mainly used by IP network, which is used for Data services like Internet.
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