Difference between iCloud and Box

Different cloud services available on the web offer different features. Unfortunately, due to the busy life, everyone may not be getting time to try each service. Also, most of the services are not free too. Let us distinguish two of the major cloud services: iCloud and Box.


iCloud was launched on October 12, 2011, by Apple Inc. Apple devices are known for their unique and creative interface along with excellent security. The cloud service offered by them is iCloud. It has particular loyalty to its customers.

It provides two plans: a web-only plan and an Apple user plan containing exclusive features that are not available to the web-only plan. The free storage that iCloud provides for the web-only plan is 1 GB. On the contrary, Apple users will get free storage of 5GB with exclusive features and a chance to extend the storage by upgrading plans.

The maximum storage space offered by iCloud via plans is 2 TB. However, users can buy extra storage of 2 TB to make the total storage 4 TB. Additionally, this storage can be shared among family members. If you are already an Apple user, then iCloud is one of the best options out there.


The Box was founded by Aaron Levie, Dylan Smith, Jeff Queisser, and Sam Ghods in 2005. It offers free storage of 10 GB. It has file-type storage to store data.

Even though most other services with file type storage provide limited maximum data; Box is an exception. It provides unlimited storage for paid accounts. And because of this reason, it can be used for both business and personal purposes.

It also has good encryption to keep our files safe. Additionally, it has unique integrations with Microsoft Office365 and Gsuite, which is an additional benefit. It can be used to sync files stored in a specific folder, but it can't be used to back up the entire system.

The following table compares the major features of iCloud and Box −

iCloud was launched on October 12, 2011, by Apple Inc.The Box was founded by Aaron Levie, Dylan Smith, Jeff Queisser, and Sam Ghods in 2005.
It provides free storage of 1 GB for the web-only version and 5 GB for Apple users.It offers free storage space of 10 GB and can be extended to 50 GB by doing some promotions.
It has a maximum paid storage of 4 TB.The maximum paid storage offered here is unlimited.
It offers good encryption.It also offers good encryption.
Many CRM apps can be integrated with iCloud.It also supports many third-party integrations.
It is used mainly for private purposes as the maximum data offered is limited.The maximum data offered here is unlimited. Therefore, it can be used for both private and business needs.

Updated on: 17-Aug-2021


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