Difference between iCloud and Baidu Cloud

Baidu Cloud is a service introduced by China that is used particularly in some parts of China and not used in other countries. It provides a wide range of features that are provided. High−resolution pictures and videos are kept safe and secured in iCloud by iCloud Photos, with lightweight, space−saving copies on all of our devices. No matter what device we are using, iCloud Drive makes it simple to access and share the files and folders we save. Some of the other features included in iCloud are family sharing, photo library, and drive.

What is iCloud?

iCloud provides users with storage facilities for keeping their files, pictures, or videos. The "i" in iCloud stands for internet and this form of representation to the applications or devices is popularly used by Apple products. Apple Incorporation offers the cloud computing and storage service known as iCloud. This makes it possible to send and share data with other users and aids in maintaining Apple devices if they are lost or stolen.

Features of iCloud

Storage and Backup: User data can be stored in iCloud for free up to 5 GB, and we can buy more space if we need it. Using iCloud, we can back up our devices and save information like files and pictures.

Sharing of files: With the help of iCloud Drive, users may store varieties of files on a variety of platforms and devices, including those used by other authorized users. The best way to easily share the photographs and videos we want with up to five other people is through a shared photo library.

Management of devices: If our Apple devices are stolen or lost, iCloud will help us to find them and manage them.

Synchronization: iCloud enables you to synchronize standard personal information management elements across numerous devices, including mail, calendar, and contacts. You can share your web browsing activity with other devices using the Safari and iCloud Keychain services, and you can share passwords among several authorized devices.

iCloud+: HomeKit Secure Video, Hide My Email, and iCloud Private Relay are just a few of the new premium capabilities that are included in iCloud+.

What is Baidu Cloud?

Baidu is an MNC in China that provides cloud storage services for users. It is primarily used by organizations to create a client portal from which other persons can also access the data.

Features of Baidu Cloud

Cloud Computing: Baidu Cloud offers dependable cloud hosts and cloud servers for cloud computing.

Big Data: Baidu Cloud provides big data services to assist users in managing and analyzing huge datasets.

AI Services: Baidu Cloud offers AI services to assist users in incorporating artificial intelligence into their applications.

Cloud Hosts and Servers: Baidu Cloud offers reliable cloud hosts and servers for users to store their data and execute their applications.

Internet of Things: To connect and manage users’ IoT devices, Baidu Cloud offers services. With the extension along with Baidu Cloud, it provides the users the facilities like instead of transferring the entire data to the cloud; some functions are performed locally at the user site. It gradually gives rise to the speed and efficiency of the system.

Difference between iCloud and Baidu Cloud

Basic Parameters


Baidu Cloud

Majority Usage

iCloud is introduced by Apple and can be used worldwide.

Baidu Cloud is introduced in China and is mostly used only in China.


It was developed on October 12, 2011.

It was developed in September 2012.

Free Storage Space

It provides 5GB of storage for free to users without a subscription.

It gives 2TB of free storage space.

Storage Space For Paid Users

The Maximum storage space for paid users is 4TB.

It gives the users with extra storage according to the plans.


It offers 5GB of free storage and the paid storage can be chosen among 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB. The Pricing of the plans varies according to different countries.

The cost of the plans varies according to the storage space.


It enables users to use a free email account, back up their devices, and share pictures, files, notes, and more with others.

It enables users to use many features like cloud storage and host, IoT, and many other features.


Every new iOS device comes with iCloud, which may also be accessed on macOS and Windows devices.

This service can be available to users using websites or applications.

Operating System

It supports Operating Systems like macOS, Windows, and iOS.

It supports various operating systems.


iCloud is mainly introduced for iOS users. It provides iOS users with free cloud storage of 5GB space and people can store their personal stuff and important files in the cloud storage and access them remotely. Baidu Cloud provides many features like the current trend of Artificial Intelligence and Big data.

Updated on: 07-Jul-2023


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