Difference between iCloud and CloudMe


iCloud is Apple’s cloud-based ecosystem of applications and tools that you can use almost on all devices. Apple started its service on June 6th, 2011, and has managed to gain more than 850 million users and is built into every apple system.

  • iCloud provides free 5 GB of storage and a paid storage service of up to 2 TB of data, with a maximum file size of 50 GB.

  • It also provides features like family sharing and file sharing among friends and helps track lost devices. With iOS 5, "Find My Friends" was added to iCloud, allowing users to share their current location with friends and family. In addition, area-based alerts were added to iOS 6 to notify users when their smartphone arrives at a certain area.

  • iCloud allows users to back up their iOS devices wirelessly to the cloud rather than relying on laborious backups to a host Mac or Windows computer via iTunes. In addition, users can now instantaneously share photographs, music, and games by integrating their accounts via AirDrop wireless.

All data stored in iCloud is synced across all Apple Id connected devices. Though iCloud is famous and is being used worldwide, Apple’s iCloud services do not provide end-to-end encryption, and Apple reserves the right to and admits to scanning user data.


CloudMe is a software service that offers cloud storage and file synchronization that is owned and operated by CloudMe AB, a Swedish company and have their servers operated in Sweden. It was founded in 2012 by Daniel Arthursson.

Initially, it was named iCloud.com but had to change it since Apple acquired the domain for a reported amount of 4.5 million US Dollars.

  • CloudMe has cloud storage and sync solution that allows users to store, access, and share their stuff with one another and those who aren't using the service. Email, text messaging, Facebook, and Google are all options for sharing.

  • Files can be saved in a blue folder that syncs across all linked computers and devices.

CloudTop.com is a web desktop and cloud OS service that uses CloudMe as its internet file system. They offer 3 GB of free storage for their users and can be expanded to 5 TB for businesses with client-side encryption.

Difference between iCloud and CloudMe

The following table highlights the major differences between iCloud and CloudMe −

It offers 5 GB of free storage to its usersIt offers 3 GB of free storage to its users
Has a limited storage space of 2 TBLimited storage space of 5 TB
The maximum file size is 50 GBNo maximum file sizes
Mostly used by Apple usersUsed by everyone
Partly supports file versioningFully supports file versioning
Has a monthly bandwidth limitNo bandwidth or traffic limits
iCloud provides users features like family sharing, find lost devices, and permits sharing web surfing status with other authorized devicesIt has no such features
No end-to-end encryptionClient-side encrypted

Updated on: 07-Sep-2021


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