Difference Between HTML and ASP.

Both HTML and ASP are the web development languages and are widely used in developing web server pages and applications.

On the basis of nature of both of the languages we can distinguish between HTML and ASP as follows −

1DefinitionHTML is a client-side language which mainly use for developing user interface.HTML stands for Hypertext MarkUp Language in which "Hypertext" refers to the hyperLinks that an HTML page may contain and "MarkUp language" refers to the way tags are used to define the page layout and elements within the page.On other hand ASP is a server-side language developed by Microsoft i.e., the code that is written gets sent to the server for processing.ASP stands for Active Server Pages and also have capability to dynamically produce web pages based on a specific request from the client.
2ProcessingHTML uses tag to write its code which is interpreted by the web browsers to display the content which includes images and objects to be embedded in the webpage.On other hand ASP uses scripting language which allow dynamic programming to develop interactive web pages which includes interactive user interactions with server processing of request and response.
3Page typeStatic type pages are primarily developed with HTML language.On other hand user-interactive or dynamic web pages are developed with ASP.
4Database supportAs HTML is client side language and hence does not support database also could not get connected to it directly.On other hand in case of ASP the server interaction is supported for its dynamic content and hence can connect to the database so as to derive its content.
5File ExtensionExtension for HTML files is .html.On other hand in file extension for ASP files is .aspx,.aspx.cs.

Updated on: 09-Jun-2020

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