Difference between JSP and ASP

JSP and ASP are both server side scripting languages. JSP is java based and is developed by Sun Microsystems whereas ASP is developed by Microsoft and is also referred as Classic ASP. Whenever a browser requests a JSP or ASP page, the server engine reads the file, executes the code in file and returns the html result to the browser. JSP is compiled whereas ASP is interpreted. Now ASP.NET, a .NET based variant is replacing ASP and is compiled one to improve the performance.

Following are some of the important differences between ASP and JSP.

1Stands forASP stands for Active Server Pages.JSP stands for Java Server Pages.
2Developed ByJSP was developed by Sun Microsystems and is maintained by Oracle.ASP was developed by Microsoft and is maintained by them.
3CostJSP is free to use.ASP is paid.
4Platform IndependenceJSP being Java based is platform independent.ASP is platform dependent.
5Memory leak ProtectionJSP has inbuilt memory leak protection.ASP lacks inbuilt memory leak protection.
6SecurityJSP provides better inbuilt security mechanism.ASP lacks an inbuilt security mechanism.
7ExtensionJSP pages are identified using .jsp extension.ASP pages are identified using .asp extension.
Published on 06-Jan-2020 06:42:29