Difference Between HTML and CSS

In this post, we will understand the difference between HTML and CSS


  • It refers to Hyper Text Markup Language.

  • It helps create web pages and applications.

  • It helps define structure of web page.

  • It is a markup language.

  • It helps create static pages as well.

  • It helps display data.

  • HyperText helps define link between multiple web pages.

  • Markup Language helps define text document using tags, which gives a structure to the web page.

  • It has less backup and support options.

  • HTML can’t be used inside a CSS sheet.

  • It helps annotate the text so that a system can understand it and use it.

  • There are specific number of tags in HTML.

  • These tags are predefined.

  • Data is enclosed within tags.

  • Closing tags are not a necessity.

An example of HTML −


<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>My title</title>
   <p>A sample</p>



  • It helps style the web pages.

  • It uses different styling features to achieve the same.

  • It uses ‘selectors’ and ‘declaration blocks’.

  • It can be an external file or an internal file, depending on the requirement in hand.

  • CSS can be used inside a HTML document.

  • It can be used to display data.

  • It has a higher backup and support in comparison to HTML.

An example of CSS −


p {
   color: pink;
   text-align: left;