Difference between ASP and ASP.NET

Both ASP and ASP.NET are the widely used languages for application and mainly the frontEnd development. Both the languages used for dynamic generation of web pages. The content generated through server-side scripting is then sent to the client’s web browser.

Following are the important differences between ASP and ASP.NET.

1DefinitionASP or also popularly known as Classic ASP developed by Microsoft is first Server-side scripting engine which is used for dynamic generation of web pages.ASP.NET, on the other hand, is a server-side web framework, open-source, which is designed for the generation of dynamic web pages.
2Language typeASP is interpreted language that means the compiler interpret the compiling code. Also ASP is treated as partially object oriented language.On other hand ASP.NET is the compiled language and treated as fully object oriented language.
3Database InteractionIn order to connect with database ASP language uses ADO (ActiveX Data Objects).While on other hand ASP.NET uses ADO.NET to connect and work with database.
4InheritanceAs mentioned in above point ASP is partial object oriented language hence it doesn’t have the concept of inheritance.On other hand ASP.NET has inheritance support in its code.
5Built-in Class.Maximum four in-built classes i.e. Request, Response, Session and Application are present in ASP.On other hand ASP.NET has more than 2000 in-built classes.
6Error HandingError handling support in ASP is less efficient as compared to that in ASP.NET.On other hand ASP.NET has more efficient error handling support as compared to that in ASP.