Difference between fundamental data types and derived data types

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Here we will see, what are the basic differences between fundamental data types and derived datatypes in C or C++.

Fundamental DatatypesDerived Datatypes
The fundamental datatypes are also known as primitive datatypes.Derived datatypes are composed of fundamental datatypes.
Some fundamental datatypes are int, char, float, void etc.Derived datatypes are arrays, structures, pointers etc.
Integer or Character datatypes are classified as int, char, signed int, singned char, unsigned int, unsigned charPointers are used to store address of some other variables.
Integers are used to store integer type data, not the floating point number.Arrays are used to store homogeneous data.
Floats are used to store decimal numbers. The variations are float, double, long double.Structures are group of some primitive datatypes like int, float, double etc.
Void is used where no return values are specifiedUnions are like structures, but all members of the union share the same memory locations.
Published on 08-May-2019 08:20:21