Difference between fundamental data types and derived data types in C++

In programming data type denotes the type and nature of data which is intended to be use by the user. It is the data type which compiler or interpreter going to deal with and provides corresponding storing location in main memory.

Now on the basis of nature of data Data type is mainly of two types one is Fundamental Data type and other is Derived Data type. Both these data types are used in programming and are equally important when need to implement the business logic over the data.

Following are the important differences between Fundamental data types and Derived data types

Sr. No.KeyFundamental data typesDerived data types
1DefinitionAs name suggests Fundamental data type is the data type which is concrete and is introduced by the language itself i.e it has its own fundamental characteristics and properties along with some fundamental methods to perform operations over them.On other hand Derived data types are the data types that are composed of fundamental data types means they are derived from fundamental data types and have some additional or modified properties other than that of fundamental data types.
2ImplementationFundamental data types in any language are implemented in concrete form i.e there are fixed fundamental data type in each language for instance in C++ character, integer, float, and void are fundamental data types.On other hand Derived Data type in programming are implemented in abstract implementation as their definition is defined by the user that what type of data they going to deal with for example Pointers, arrays, structures and unions are derived data types.
3DataCharacter data type is used for store characters and can be classified as char, Signed char, Unsigned char.On other hand Pointers are used for storing address of variables instead of storing the value of variable.
4AssignmentInteger is used for assignment and storing of integers( not having decimal digits) and can be classified as signed and unsigned. Further classified as int, short int and long int.On other hand in case of derived data types Array is used to contain similar type of data it may character,integer,float or even user defined data type.
5PerformanceIf case of fundamental data type only type and nature of data is concern so there in no issue of time complexity as we deals with the concrete implementation of the language.On other hand time complexity comes in case of derived data types as it mainly deals with manipulation and execution of logic over data that it stored.

Updated on: 25-Feb-2020


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