Despite working/living in one company/community why does it happen that two people don't speak to each other without any specific reason?

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Communication is the key to a good relationship and a successful team. We all know that by now, but still you would notice people not conversing with each other, especially in a company or a community. Wondering why? There can be plenty of reasons.

Due To the Competition

Competition between peers is one of the chief reasons why two people avoid talking to each other. There's always an envy factor working among the high-performing individuals. They want to beat each other and reach the top position at any cost instead of investing in a healthy relationship and talking terms.

To Be the Cynosure of the Boss's Eyes

Many of us want to impress the boss and so, they avoid talking to people who clearly not his/her favorites. There's always a fear of losing your own position if you rub the boss the wrong way.

Ego Plays A Role

Many times two people just won't talk to each other due to ego issues. They are waiting for the other to approach first because the feeling of pride and ego plays a big role here.

Feeling of Superiority

Both of them think that they are superior to each other in terms of performance or a better connection with the boss. None of them want to take the first step as they think that they are much better in comparison to the other.

Lack of Proper Team Management

It majorly depends on how the manager is managing the team and if he's able to create that communication channel between two employees. It's the responsibility of the manager to make sure that two people in the same team get over any animosity and hesitation and that's when the team will function effectively. That's when there will be a healthy competition.

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:52:59