Crystal Reports - Formula Workshop


Formula workshop is used to create different kinds of formulas. You can open formula workshop by going to Data → click formulas or by clicking formula tab on Data tool bar.

Formula Workshop

In the formula workshop there are 2 panels − Navigation Panel and Objects Panel.

Navigation panel contains a folder for each type of formulas in Crystal Reports.

Navigation Panel

Object Panels contains 4 fields −

Data Explorer − It contains in-use Objects, formulas, parameters and running totals present in the Crystal Report.

Result Objects − It contains all result objects available to use in the report.

Functions − It contains all inbuilt functions that can be used in the report. It also includes custom functions. Example − Sum, Count, String functions, Date functions, etc.

Operators − They are used to pass conditions between values. It includes: arithmetic operators, Arrays, Boolean operators, etc.

Object Panels

Formula workshop also contains formula text window and formula workshop buttons. Text windows is used to create or modify formulas and workshop panel button allows you to use filter formulas, sort formulas, delete, etc.

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