Crystal Reports - Edit Parameter Field

Once you drag the parameter to your report → To edit parameter filed, right click on parameter name and go to edit parameter.

Edit Parameter Field

Once you click on edit parameter, it will open Edit parameter window.

You can also edit the parameter by double clicking on the parameter name.

Delete Parameter Field

Go to Data Explorer view → expand Parameters, and then right click on the parameter you want to delete.

Choose Delete.

Delete Parameter Field

Dynamic Parameters

You can create parameters using dynamic LOVs to retrieve data from data source. For example − When the customer name in database changes frequently, you can create dynamic LOVs.

How to create a Parameter using dynamic LOVs?

Open your report → Data Explorer panel → right click within Parameters and select New Parameter.

The Create Parameter dialog box appears.

Enter a name for the parameter (up to 255 alphanumeric characters) → To create a list of values, click the “Edit List of Values” button.

The Edit List of Values dialog box appears → In the Type of List area, select Dynamic.

In the Value combo box, select Customer Name from the list.

Edit List of Values

You can sort the LOV in Ascending or Descending order → Click OK.

In the Prompt Text object, enter the desired prompting text (up to 255 alphanumeric characters) → Text that appears in the prompting dialog and interactive panel. The default is “Enter (ParameterName)” → Click OK

Drag the Parameter into your report.

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