Crystal Reports - Cross Tab Layout

Cross tab is used to display the data that is grouped or totaled in two directions. It shows data in a compact format, which makes it easier to understand and see the trend in the data. For example, if you want to see the quantity sold by the customer in a particular region, without cross tab, it shows the data in a spread-out form.

Cross Tab

You can add multiple number of attributes in rows and columns by clicking on ‘+’ sign. To delete an object click on X sign.

Cross Tab Layout

When you click on Insert, cross tab adds to the Structure of the report. If you click on the page tab, it will show Cross tab data in the report.

You can also edit the cells in cross tab. To edit Cross tab properties, right click on Cross tab and you can change the properties −

  • Format Cross tab
  • Edit Cross tab
  • Sort
  • Hide
  • Grid Options
  • Pivot
  • Create chart from cross tab
Cross Tab Properties

A Crosstab includes row totals, column totals and grand totals. To see values as percentage, right click on Total cell and go to Format Total → select show as percentage.


Grid options allow you to do formatting of cross tab rows like hiding empty rows, repeat row labels, hide row grand totals, etc. as shown in the following image.

Grid Options
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