Collection Runner in Postman?

A Collection Runner in Postman is used for triggering more than one request simultaneously. After execution, the Collection does not yield a Response Body of individual request.

The console of Collection Runner generates the pass or fail status of every request. For a Collection Runner, it is compulsory to have at least two requests for the Collection.

To trigger a Collection with a Collection Runner follow the below steps −

Step1 − Click on the Runner menu in Postman.

Step2 − The Collection Runner window shall open up.

Step3 − Choose the name of the Collection from Choose a collection or folder.

Step4 − Select an Environment from the Environment field. Then enter the number of iterations for the execution. Also, specify the delay time for the requests.

Step5 − In case we have the data in a file, we have to select the type of the file from the Data field and click on Run Collection1.

Step6 − The Run Results window shall open. The requests get executed as per the delay time specified. The status of each test for every iteration gets displayed. The Environment in which the tests are run and the name of the Collection (Collection1) are available at the header of the Collection Runner.

The Response code, time, payload size and the checkpoints details can also be found in the Collection Runner. The pass result is shown in green and the failed result is shown in red.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2021

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