How to create and save a collection in Postman?

We can create and save a Collection in Postman with the steps listed below −

  • Click on the Collections tab in the sidebar appearing to the left of the Postman application and then click on New Collection.

  • CREATE A NEW COLLECTION pop- up should open. Enter a Collection name and fill the details under the tabs like Description, Authorization, Pre-request Scripts, Tests and Variables in this pop-up. Then click on Create.

  • The Collection – Test Collection gets added under the Collections tab in the Postman sidebar. Initially it shows the number of requests as 0.

  • Click on the Save button which appears to the right of the screen.

  • To add a request to this Collection, click on the three- dots appearing to the right of the Collection name. Then click on Add Request.

  • SAVE REQUEST pop-up comes up. Give a Request name and select the Collection name – Test Collection to save it. Then click on Save to Test Collection.

  • Step7 − Collection along with the request added gets displayed in the sidebar.