How to Run Postman Collection on Jenkins using Newman Commands?


We can run Postman Collection on Jenkins using Newman commands. To achieve this, we should first have a Collection with a minimum one request and a test. Also, we should have Newman installed in our system.

Step 1 − Click on the arrow to the right of the Collection name. Then click on the Share button.

Step 2 − The SHARE COLLECTION1 window opens up. Go to the Get public link tab.Then copy the link which is highlighted in the below image.

Please note − This link is unique to a user.

Step 3 − Open Jenkins and navigate to the Jenkins Job below the build section. Add the command −

newman run "<link copied in Step2> "

Step 4 − Click on Save and then trigger the build. The Jenkin job gets triggered and the tasks declared within the job will execute.

Step 5 − Verify the Jenkins Console Output. It shall contain the test logs, API information, Response status, time, payload size and so on. Besides, the Console Output will have the Unicode text.

Updated on 03-Aug-2021 14:04:21