Closet Door Alternatives

What is Closet Door?

A closet door is an interior three-hinged door that consists of a knob, handle, or lever to open or close it. Closets can be used to store precious things like jewelry, clothing, documents, and other things. Closet doors are of many types and you have to choose the one which is suitable for your home.

Why Closet Door Alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of using closet doors and some of them have been mentioned here.

  • All products inside a wardrobe cannot be viewed at a time

  • Gentle handling is needed as rough handling is harmful

  • Regular maintenance is needed

  • The cost of the doors is expensive

How to choose a Closet Door Alternative?

The closet doors have some features and benefits which are as follows −

  • A lot of space can be saved by using sliding closet doors

  • Smooth movement

  • Closet doors have modern look

  • Gives a nice look to your room

Top 10 Closet Door Alternatives

There are many alternatives to closet doors and we will discuss some of them in detail.

Alternative 1 – French Doors

French doors are considered as one of the common and best alternatives to closet doors. French doors consist of glass panels and are good-looking as they come in pairs. These doors help in the creation of an airy and light environment in a room. You can add curtains or frosted glass so that nobody can peep into your cupboard.


  • Glass panels available with the door

  • Frosted glass or curtains can be added for privacy

  • Gives a feeling of an airy and light environment

Alternative 2 – Accordion Closet Doors

Accordion Closet Doors can fold with the help of multiple panels in the same way like an accordion. These panels are installed on top of the door and run on a single track. The doors are made from different materials like wood, laminate, PVC, vinyl, and aluminum.


  • Saves a lot of space

  • Light in weight

  • Installation is affordable

Alternative 3 – Swinging doors

Swinging doors have the ability to open in both directions. This is an excellent choice for people who are confused between push and pull. These doors also have the ability to close by themselves. If you want to add some beauty, you can go for saloon-style doors which will help in making the closet airy.


  • Can open in both directions

  • Close by themselves

  • Available in different designs

Alternative 4 – Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are available with different textures and designs. You will also have the choice of colors which will suit the room where the door has to be installed. The door adds beauty to the closet and the room.


  • Different types of designs are available

  • Wooden doors are available in a variety of colors

  • The doors give a good look to the closet and room

Alternative 5 – Barn Door

Barn doors are almost the same as the sliding doors. The door consists of a metallic bar which slides on the side. The door also has wheels on the bottom. The door is available in different types of designs and is considered as the best alternative to closet doors.


  • Wheels at the bottom

  • Available in different designs

  • Best alternative to closet doors

Alternative 6 – Pocket Doors

Pocket doors have some similarities with sliding doors. These doors slide into the wall and are merely visible with the closet is opened. The doors have to be installed at the time of construction because pockets are created in the walls. Pocket doors are also good for small places as they open completely and everything in the closet is visible.


  • Great option for small places

  • Has to be installed during construction

  • Not visible when the closet is opened

Alternative 7 – Curtains

Curtains are another alternative for closet doors. They are available in different designs and colors. There are inexpensive in comparison to the closet doors. You just need to hang them. There is no need to open and close them.


  • Easy to install

  • No need to open or close

  • Cheaper than the closet doors

Alternative 8 – Beads

Bead doors are available in different styles and are now a trending alternative to closet doors. A bead door is made up of nylon strings which are covered with either crystal or red beads. These doors create a separation between rooms and are easy to open and close.


  • The doors are available in different types of colors

  • They are cheaper than closet doors

  • Installation is easy

Alternative 9 – Glass Doors

Glass doors can be used to give a stylish look to the closet. Glass doors are can be installed in the same way as traditional doors, sliding doors, double doors, etc. If you do not want a see-through glass door, you can go for frosted or stained glass doors.


  • Glass doors give a stylish look to the closet

  • Transparent, frosted, or stained glass can be used to make the door

  • Glass doors can be installed easily

Alternative 10 – Bookcase Closet Doors

Bookcase closet door is a bifold door in which the outset can be filled up with books while it leads to the closet when opened. These doors save a lot of space and different items can be stored in this sleek door. These doors are best for large rooms but are a bit expensive.


  • Bookcase closet door can be used to store books and other items

  • This is a sleek door and requires less space for installation

  • The door is a bit expensive comparatively


Closet doors are a great option to cover your wardrobe. They can be opened and closed easily but they take more space. There are some cheaper options like French doors, bookcase doors that take less space. You can install any type of alternative for your wardrobe and closet.

Updated on: 04-May-2023


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