Can you suggest some good lehenga designs for the bride?

Marriage is a solemn affair; therefore, people leave no stone unturned to look fab on their wedding day. Girls prefer different colors and designs for their wedding lehnga designs. But, when they go to the market ultimately to buy their lehnga and finalize one, they get a hell lot confused.

Some of the Lehenga Designs

  • A Line Lehenga: This is perfect for a bride who does not want too heavy cloths surrounding her the whole wedding procession. It is tight on the waist and is surrounded fully at the bottom. It got its name from the A-line hem present in the lehenga.

  • Circular Lehenga: This is perhaps the oldest and the most commonly worn wedding lehenga type. Huge borders at the hem and multiple pleats make it look voluminous.

  • Fish Cut or Fishtail Lehnga: The name is derived from the mermaid-like shape. This lehnga has a design going down below the knees.

  • Sharara cut lehnga: This is a new trend. The bottom skirt divides into two just like sharara does.

  • Panelled Lehnga: This is named due to the attachment of horizontal panels along the flare of the lehenga. But this lehnga type is usually chosen by the bride’s sister or any other close relative as it looks quite simple. Still, it depends upon one’s personal preference.

  • Double Flair Lehnga: It is a bulky lehnga with more than a single flair. Say a double flair lehnga would have two flairs in it at the bottom.

  • Trail Type Lehnga: This lehnga looks like an evening gown with an extra rail at the back side rolling the floor and indeed sweeping it. It is less chosen by the brides, due to the difficulty in managing it.

While different lehnga designs have been suggested, it is up to the bride and her preference, what kind of design she chooses for her wedding day.