Can the father’s diet affect his child’s health?

Once a woman is pregnant, she will be showered with wanted and unwanted advises about what to eat and what not, from family and friends. Every woman around will start narrating their own experiences and give free advises on eating almonds, milk, fresh fruit, saffron and what not !! This is because the nutrition given to the mother has a direct impact on the growth of the baby inside and is going to alter the genetic composition and immune system of the child forever.

A recent study has put an interesting concept forward that a father's diet can also impact the long-term health of the unborn child. According to them, the father's diet also affects the child's growth and health, as the father’s genetic errors or any form of abnormality may be carried to the child. Lifestyle disorders like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity can be passed on to their child. Not only that, the father's diet and nutrition directly impact the quality of sperm produced and low-quality sperm can play a major role in miscarriages. The sperm quality directly affects the post-fertilization development and the health of the child.

According to the fertilization experts "the parents should eat a conscious healthy diet which includes green vegetables, walnuts, almonds, and antioxidant-rich food to increase the chances of conception". The healthy lifestyle of both the parents correlate with the health of sperm and egg and they will have great chances of having a healthy baby.