Basic to Advance Microsoft Power BI- Part 1/2 (2022 updates)

person icon Ajay Parmar

Basic to Advance Microsoft Power BI- Part 1/2 (2022 updates)

Complete tutorial on Power BI Desktop - Data Analytics

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Ajay Parmar

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Course Description

  • A very detailed discussion on Power BI introduction. A Free Microsoft tool works in real world to produce amazing , powerful and dynamic ,interactive dashboards/Reports.

  • Also, covered basic level information on PowerQuery for your better grip on fundamental.

  • Installation on Power BI - Real live example shown. No fast forward. Helpful for new students who never seen BI before.

  • Clustered Column and Stacked Column Chart visualizations covered . When and why they should be used and difference between them discussed too.

  • how to import data and things to be taken care of from different sources.

  • Drill down feature for deep analysis.

  • Stylish Drill-Through feature.

  • Line & Pie Visualizations.

  • Tool-tip and Tool Tips features - Why you need them and what is the difference.

  • How to make Tables and Matrix. Their role in reports .Difference between them. Advantages and disadvantages.

  • Learn how to create Slicers and rules to be followed.

  • What are Cards and Themes in BI - Simple awesome.

  • Learn not so much explored Analytical feature in Visualizations- A full detailed discussion on each feature. Why and where you need this.

  • Cross Filtering feature - No VBA ,  no complex formulas- Inbuilt feature which adds so much value to your reports and dashboards.

  • Area Chart Visualization -from scratch. with practical scenarios telling the difference between it and others .

  • Line and Column visualization - including stacked.

  • How to use custom visuals if you not happy with in-built ones though they are always extra-ordinary

  • Show amazing up and down falls in business using Waterfall visualization

  • Complete discussion on KPI ,Map , Tree Map , QnA feature, Decomposition tree visualization, Ribbon Chart.

  • How to use shapes ,bookmarks and selections in power-bi to take the reports to extreme level.

  • Use of Slicers in navigating pages.

  • How to Create a Dashboard in Powerbi Using above points.

  • You can ask for support any day , any time.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to make career in Analytics .
  • Students who are keen to make powerful and impactful visualizations in few minutes and with very very less efforts.
  • Professionals who have been working on Excel a lot like MIS Analysts ,Business Analysts or someone who wants to produce data reports in an exclusive manner.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Students who want to learn one of the best Data Visualization Tool in the industry are welcome to kick start their learning in this Part1
  • This is a first part of Power BI in which BI Destkop is covered. Basic to Advance. After finishing this, Join me in Part2 which talks about BI Service in detail
  • Introduction to PowerBI desktop, a quick walk through over other tools like PowerBI services , DAX language, M code language , PowerQuery
  • How to install PowerBI Desktop. System requirements and why BI?
  • How to import data from different sources in BI like Excel, csv files , txt files , databases like ms access, sql server
  • Doubts like what is M code, DAX , where they are used and differences between these two languages.
  • Do you need to know PowerQuery before BI or not? What is PQ or m Code role in BI Tool. All such types of doubts are discussed in detail in this part 1.
  • We are covering PowerBI Desktop all features with practical examples and Dashboards too in this Part2
  • Every Visual with Quizzes and Dashboards plus beautiful Navigation panes.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • You should not know basic excel. Nothing else is required.

  • No VBA or macro knowledge is required.

Basic to Advance Microsoft Power BI- Part 1/2 (2022 updates)


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Basic to Advance Microsoft Power BI- (2022 updates)
37 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction to PowerBI - Understand in-depth its Components 52:10 52:10
  • play icon How to Import Excel Data in BI and fundamentals 41:23 41:23
  • play icon Clustered Column Visual - Let us finally begin the show 57:00 57:00
  • play icon Stacked Column Visuals 17:11 17:11
  • play icon Clustered Bar and Stacked Bar Visuals - Horizontal data view 19:16 19:16
  • play icon SLICERS Visual - Life changing experience 24:54 24:54
  • play icon Line Visual - How to see TRENDS 18:05 18:05
  • play icon Area Chart Visual - Magnitude is the key 03:57 03:57
  • play icon Column Line and Ribbon Visuals - Do the Deep analysis 23:25 23:25
  • play icon Introduction PowerQuery for you - Overview 23:25 23:25
  • play icon PowerQuery Continues - Take More idea 01:34:20 01:34:20
  • play icon Small multiples Feature in BI 08:51 08:51
  • play icon My favorite Tables - Most used Visual 21:45 21:45
  • play icon Multi Card Visual - Useful in displaying overall numbers 12:35 12:35
  • play icon Gauge Visual - Track how far are we from Targets 28:53 28:53
  • play icon MATRIX Visual - Its awesome - Everything you need to know 25:59 25:59
  • play icon Matrix - More features 10:22 10:22
  • play icon How to use Drill on feature in Matrix - game changing 13:41 13:41
  • play icon SubTotals in Matrix 13:30 13:30
  • play icon Map Visual 1 17:25 17:25
  • play icon Map Visual Continues 22:59 22:59
  • play icon Map Visual - More knowledge 07:56 07:56
  • play icon Maps Visual 12:41 12:41
  • play icon Maps for reports 13:18 13:18
  • play icon Decomposition Visual 38:53 38:53
  • play icon Decomposition Tree - more Insight 08:47 08:47
  • play icon Decomposition Tree - Covering every point 11:16 11:16
  • play icon How to use Drill on feature - Deep dive 14:59 14:59
  • play icon CrossFiltering feature - A unique way of doing the automations 09:30 09:30
  • play icon Filter pane in BI 14:21 14:21
  • play icon BI Services-Part-1 26:12 26:12
  • play icon BI Services-Part-2 16:25 16:25
  • play icon BI Services-Part-3 08:00 08:00
  • play icon BI Services-Part-4 33:15 33:15
  • play icon BI Services-Part-5 17:08 17:08
  • play icon BI Services-Part-6 30:03 30:03
  • play icon BI Services-Part-7 24:22 24:22

Instructor Details

ajay parmar

ajay parmar

Data Analytics Trainer

I have been teaching online from 10 years now and teaching is my hobby and passion. I cannot think of anything better than teaching and shaping up students career. Enroll today and take your knowledge to the next level. My training content is my proud and you will not be disappointed. I teach advance Excel, Excel VBA, MS Access, Access VBA, PowerQuery, M code in Powerquery, PowerPivot,DAX Formulas,Power BI and WebScraping using html libraries in VBA.

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