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TheZoo Repository Live Malware Analysis

Ajay yadav
Updated on 23-Sep-2020 12:33:30
theZoo's allows the study of malware and enable people who are interested in malware analysis to have access to live malware, analyse the ways they operate, and maybe even enable advanced and savvy people to block specific malware within their own environment.git clone theZoopip install --user -r requirements.txtpython theZoo.pyI recommend running them in a VM which has no internet connection (or an internal virtual network if you must) and without guest additions or any equivalents. Some of them are worms and will automatically try to spread out. Running them unconstrained means that you will infect yourself or others with ... Read More

Bypass Antivirus with Shelter

Ajay yadav
Updated on 23-Sep-2020 12:25:51
Shellter is an active shellcode insertion tool. It effectively re-encodes payloads to bypass anti-virus software. Shellter embeds a 32-bit Windows application and the shellcode in such a way that it goes undetected by the AV software.InstallationYou can install Shellter directly on Kali by using the following command −apt-get install shellterapt-get install wine32How to BypassOpen shelter using wine app, select the operation mode as 'a'.choose an executable file and copy it to the Shellter folder. This is required to be done to bind Shellter with a .exe file. In our case, we have copied the putty.exe file to the Shellter folder ... Read More

Difference between Antivirus and Internet Security

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 27-Jul-2022 10:17:32
Both Internet Security and Antivirus are the techniques that are being used to protect the user from malicious programs by blocking and removing them specifically when the user interacts with external resources.An Antivirus could be defined as an application or software which provides security from the malicious software specifically coming from the Internet. In contrast, Internet Security is a term that is used for a wide range of issues; we can think of it as a collection of Apps designed to protect users from online threats.In this article, we will take a look at the different features of an Antivirus ... Read More

Difference between Virus, Worm and Trojan Horse

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 25-Aug-2022 12:55:15
Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses are types of malicious software that infiltrate a system and try to create havoc, however what sets them apart is the way they attack, spread, and replicate. Read though this article to get an overview of how a virus is different from a worm, and what exactly is a Trojan Horse. What is a Virus? A virus is malicious software (malware) made up of little bits of code attached to legitimate programs. When that software is launched, the virus is launched as well. Viruses are malicious programs that infect computer files and spread ... Read More

Bypass Anti-virus using Veil Framework

Ajay yadav
Updated on 20-Apr-2020 06:03:20
This article is intended to demonstrate, how to bypass the anti-virus detection using the Veil framework, as it is a collection of tools designed for use during penetration testing. It currently consists of the following modules −Veil-Evasion − a tool to generate antivirus-evading payloads using a variety of techniques and languagesVeil-Catapult − a psexec-style payload delivery system that integrates Veil-EvasionVeil-PowerView − a powershell tool to gain network situational awareness on Windows domainsVeil-Pillage − a modular post-exploitation framework that integrates Veil-EvasionRequirementsTo install the Veil- Framework, you are supposed to configure the latest Python packages into your machine.How to InstallThe important point ... Read More

Difference between Spam and Phishing Mail

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 17:06:44
Spams and phishing mails are related to social engineering wherein a cyberattacker tries to manipulate a person to reveal the personal information such as password, account details, and many other security credentials. Therefore, we should be very careful while sharing our personal information through digital platforms. But, both spams and phishing mails are quite different from each other in the way they operate and manipulate their victims. The basic difference between the two is that a spam mail is a kind of advertisement tool but it is untargeted, while a phishing mail is a type of targeted social engineering attack. ... Read More

Difference between Malware and Adware

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 22-Aug-2022 14:58:23
A Malware is a malicious program that is used by attackers to perform illegal operations on a user's machine, such as stealing personal information, corrupting system/network, encrypting data for "ransom" or deleting the data, etc.An Adware is a program that displays Ads during its execution. Developers get money from this advertisement. This application may capture user activity and display ads accordingly. An attacker can misuse this feature of adware and can compromise the system security.Read through this article to find out more about Malware and Adware and how they are different from each other.What is a Malware?Malware is any program ... Read More
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