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What is a Fileless Malware?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:02:07
With the advancement in security, cybercriminals are inventing unique techniques to perform malicious tasks. One such unique threat is Fileless Malware.Let us discover what this Fileless malware is, how it gets entry into a system, why can't security programs detect it, and some measures to prevent it.What is a Fileless Malware?Fileless malware is a unique type of malicious program whose attacking technique is entirely different from the regular malware programs. Generally, cybercriminals introduce malware files into the device to infect it. Over the years, malicious programs like Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware, and others have created havoc by getting into the system ... Read More

What is a Backdoor Attack?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 11:04:11
Cybercriminals use numerous ways to take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the operating system or applications to infiltrate the device or network. One such method is using the Backdoor Attack.In this post, we would discuss what Backdoor Attack is, its types, and how to stay safe from Backdoor Attacks.What is a Backdoor Attack?In cybersecurity terms, a Backdoor Attack is an attempt to infiltrate a system or a network by maliciously taking advantage of software's weak point.Backdoors allow the attackers to quietly get into the system by deceiving the security protocols and gain administrative access. It is similar to the real-life ... Read More

What is Attack Vector?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 11:03:44
To infiltrate into a system, cybercriminals use different methods; Attack Vector is one of them.In this post, we would know in detail what Attack Vector is, why and how do hackers exploit it, and how to protect your system against Attack Vectors.What is Attack Vector?Atack Vector is a malicious term used for describing the path or the method used by cybercriminals to get entry into a system. It allows the attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities and loopholes to deploy malware and conduct other malicious activities on the system.Once the cybercriminals get an entry into the system using the attack vector, ... Read More

How to use Google Chrome Virus Scanner?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 11:00:30
Google Chrome is unarguably the best internet browser across every platform. It provides its users with a large number of advanced features that enhance their web browsing experience. It is fast, feature-rich, and comes with an excellent user interface.Many of you might not be aware of the fact that the Google Chrome browser in the Windows operating system is capable of performing malware scanning on the entire system.Yes, you can detect and remove the virus and other malware from your system using the Chrome Antimalware feature.In this post, we would know how to use the Google Chrome virus scanner to ... Read More

How to remove Bing from Chrome?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 10:58:59
Sometimes you might have noticed that the default search engine of your Chrome browser is automatically changed to Bing. If this is happening without any user intervention, it might be because of malware known as Browser Hijacker.Browser Hijacker takes control of your browser and modifies its settings for conducting malicious activities, including changing the default search engine, homepage, and others.In this post, we would discuss how Bing become your Chrome browser's default search engine and how to remove it from Chrome.What is Bing?Bing is one of the most popular search engines on the internet world. In terms of the number ... Read More

How to remove Malware from Android?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 10:55:47
In the modern world, smartphones have become an immovable part of everyone's life. It contains almost everything important to a person, for example, banking apps, navigational apps, utility apps, and more. It is, therefore, more than essential to safeguard smartphones at any cost to protects the owner's privacy.Like computers, Android smartphones can also get infected with malicious programs such as viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and others. Android malware is mainly intended for stealing sensitive information, misguiding users by showing irrelevant ads, and redirecting them to malicious websites. They can infiltrate the device in many ways; for example, users can install ... Read More

How to remove Fake Windows Security Alert?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 10:46:00
While you were browsing the internet or visiting a certain website, you might have suddenly got a pop-up warning message from Windows that your system contains malware, and you need to take immediate action to recover from it.Such pop-up warnings are generally scamming and tricks to trap users by creating a sense of fear among them.In this post, we will know what the fraudulent Microsoft warnings are and how to remove fake Windows security alerts.What is "Windows Security Alert"?"Windows Security Alert" is a fake pop-up warning that Windows users encounter when they accidentally or willingly visit any malicious website. It ... Read More

How to Block Ads in Android Chrome?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 10:45:20
Let us face it; Ads can be annoying, especially on smartphones. Ads can appear spontaneously on your Android apps or browsers. Google Chrome is the most used browser across all platforms, so undoubtedly, Chrome users are most affected by the advertisements.In this post, we would discuss how to block ads in Android Chrome and why it is necessary.Why block Ads on the Chrome browser?Though ads are the primary source of income for many websites and blogs, they can sometimes become overwhelming and needs to be blocked. Especially when you are browsing something important on the Chrome browser, and suddenly an ... Read More

How to Remove Yahoo Search from Chrome?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 10:48:57
If the default search engine of your Chrome web browser is automatically changed to Yahoo Search, it might be because a browser hijacker is controlling the Chrome.In this post, we would discuss how Yahoo Search became the Chrome browser's default search engine and how to remove it from Chrome.What is Yahoo Search?Yahoo Search is one of the most popular and oldest search engines on the internet. It is the 4th most used search engine after Google, Bing, and Baidu. The standard URL of the Yahoo Search is It can vary as per the country or region you are browsing; ... Read More

How to remove Web Scripting Virus?

Updated on 18-Mar-2021 10:25:27
In order to provide advanced and high-quality content, some web developer uses complex codes on their websites. Video streaming sites mainly execute such advance codes. These codes help end-users to instruct web programs. However, if not correctly structured, the codes are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.Cybercriminals carry out the virus attacks on such websites by deploying malicious scripts, thereby disabling the web program or take control of it to carry out vicious tasks. Such types of malicious programs are known as Web Scripting Virus.In this guide, we would discuss more on Web Scripting Virus and how to remove them from your system.What ... Read More