What is Grayware?

Some malicious programs are not as devastating as Trojans or Virus but still possess danger to the system. Such programs are coined under the term Grayware.

In this post, we will know more about Grayware, how it enters your device, and how to prevent it from infiltrating your system.

What is Grayware?

As its name suggests, Grayware is a software type that comes between malicious(black) and non-malicious(white) software categories. Grayware programs can be used for both legal and illegal activities. For example, Spyware and Keyloggers can be categorized under Grayware. They can be legally used by organizations to track the activities of their employees. Similarly, they can also be used by hackers to illegally spy on users.

Grayware are unwanted applications that might not be threatening like other malware like Trojans or Ransomware but still can cause a lot of trouble to the system and frustration to the users. Grayware can also make way for the entry of more malicious programs.

Common types of Grayware

To better understand the Grayware let us know about its common types. You might be aware of these terms.


Adware is the advertising-based software that is designed to generate and display ads on the user's browser and application screens. They are not malicious by nature but can cause frustration to users by continuous ad bombardment. Along with that, they can also open the gate for other malware by spreading malicious ads.


Spyware is a type of malicious program specifically prepared to illegally spy on the victim's system and collect & share its activities. It generally does not damage the system but can completely ruin the privacy of its victim.


Madware is short for Mobile Adware. The irrelevant and unintended ads that you see on your smartphones are caused by Madware. Some Madware can also act like Spyware on mobile phones. Madware is generally found in Android devices.


Keylogger is a malware type that can record and log your keystrokes and mouse clicks. It can collect the private information of the user such as banking details, social security numbers, etc. This information can then pass to the cybercriminals for conducting illicit activities. Keyloggers are also used by organizations for monitoring the activities of their workers.

How to remove Grayware from your device?

Though they are not devastating like other malware, Grayware still needs to be removed from the system so that your privacy is protected and the system runs smoothly. Here is how you can do that.

  • Open the task manager of your system and look for the application you don't remember installing. Also, monitor which process or program is unnecessarily consuming the system resources.

  • Uninstall those applications from the Control Panel or system settings. Also, completely delete the folders where those applications were installed.

  • Empty the recycle bin and delete the temporary files of your system.

  • If the above steps are too complicated or tedious for you, just use any robust antimalware. Antimalware is specially designed for finding and deleting such malicious programs.

How to prevent Grayware from infiltrating your device?

To prevent Grayware from entering your system and disturb your workflow, you can follow these preventive measures.

  • Avoid downloading software from Torrent and other illegal ways. Grayware and other dangerous malware programs are often spread through such mediums. They are hidden in legit software, and users unknowingly install them along with the primary programs.

  • Never open emails and attachments sent by unknown senders. Emails are one of the most popular mediums to spread Grayware and other malware.

  • Keep your operating system and all other programs updated with the latest version. Updating the software would fix the vulnerabilities in them. It would block the cybercriminals to spread the malware by taking advantage of loopholes in an outdated program or operating system.

  • Keep installed an allrounder security solution on your system. It will block Grayware and other threatening programs from entering your device and remove them beforehand.

  • Follow the healthy browsing habit. Never visit unsecured sites. Do not click on malicious links. Clicking on the tempting pop-ups can initiate the download of Grayware or more such malware. Avoid doing that.