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Reverse Transcriptase: Structure and Applications

Anusha Karthik
Updated on 31-Mar-2023 16:28:25
Get to Know Reverse Transcriptase Reverse transcriptase is an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase that is capable of synthesizing a complementary DNA strand from an RNA template. The enzyme was first discovered in retroviruses, which are RNA viruses that use reverse transcriptase to convert their RNA genomes into DNA. Reverse transcriptase is also found in other retrotransposons, and telomerase, which are involved in maintaining the length of the chromosome ends. Structure Reverse transcriptase is a multifunctional enzyme that consists of two domains − An RNA-dependent DNA polymerase domain and A ribonuclease H (RNase H) domain. The ... Read More

Types of Viruses

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:17:24
The Virus is a type of code that enters the system along with any file or programs and carries out malfunctions in the system. The virus-affected program will be a replica of the existing program. They enter the system through any file and when the file runs, parallelly the virus also runs in the background. There are many ways in which the virus gets into the system. Some of them are through mail attachments, by clicking inappropriate advertisements, and by downloading any software, or files from unauthorized websites. The main objective of viruses is to spread them along different hosts. ... Read More

Trojan horse and Trap Door

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:12:31
A threat is designed by hijackers to change the behavior of the process. The threat can reach the system through any path to our system or any organization sever. When the attack happens, it leads to the corruption of data, the stealing of personal information, and the loss of data. The Trojan horse and trap door are some of the program threats which need to be avoided for the proper functioning of the system. So it is a great deal to protect the system from program threats. The protection of files and other resources from misusing the data is important. ... Read More

Difference Between Norovirus and Rotavirus

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 24-Jan-2023 17:08:41
Both norovirus and rotavirus are very infectious and can cause dehydration due to symptoms like diarrhea. Noroviruses are members of the family Caliciviridae and have a round form, while rotaviruses are members of the family Reoviridae and have a wheel-like structure. How they spread, when they show up most frequently, and in what kinds of populations they thrive are all ways in which these two virus types are distinct. Despite these distinctions, both norovirus and rotavirus should be treated appropriately to avoid serious health problems. As you read this article, you'll have a better understanding of the distinctions between ... Read More

What are the differences between Phishing and Spear Phishing?

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 22-Mar-2022 06:15:47
Let us understand the concepts of Phishing and Spear Phishing before learning the differences between them.PhishingIt is generally done to obtain sensitive information like credit card pins, email id password, social messaging site password .It is a technique or method by which the attacker tries to access the data of a normal person, company or any institution and steals the information.It is done by sending page to user via email or SMS that is similar to the original web page and user login to that fake page and enter details and these details are then fetched by hackersPhishing is general ... Read More

How does a VPN help hide your search history?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 07:09:09
VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, it hides the user’s IP address, blocks their location, and even removes their browser history, allowing them to share and receive sensitive data on the public network more privately.VPN is useful while sharing something sensitive because when you share something on the Internet or you search about something on a web browser, you leave your digital footprints behind in the form of browsing history and cached data. Due to these digital footprints, anyone can track you and what you are searching. But you should also be aware that your ... Read More

How safe is it surfing on 4G Vs WiFi?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 07:07:24
These days, all of us use the Internet and the more the number of users, the more the ways to get internet. Some of us use the internet through a 4G connection, which people have in their smartphones, and some use the internet through WiFi hotspots, which may be public or private. To understand which is safer, let’s see some basic facts.Types of WiFi NetworksWiFi networks are of two types, public and private.Private networks are the ones whose routers are installed at our house or office and are purchased from ISP. Private networks provide you highest speed that you require, ... Read More

What are the risks of third-party App Stores?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 07:05:46
As people are getting more awareness about the Internet these days, little, they know how to use it more securely and what are all the risks they are taking on every suspicious click they make. Many times, paid applications are available freely on some third-party app store, and people often try to download those applications from there, but those come with a lot of risks that you might be unaware of.Third-party App Stores offer cyberattackers an avenue through which they deliver their infected malicious apps to users unaware of these risks. Hence, it is always advised that before you download ... Read More

Why is it important to update all the software to have better security?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 07:04:03
Most of the time, when we suddenly see a pop-up demanding an update, we tend to select the option of scheduling them later. In this article, we will see why those software updates are important, and what if we don't keep our system and its apps up-to-date?Realizing that you were hacked because you ignored the update pop-up on your system while you were working would be very hard to digest. Updating all the software, specifically the anti-virus and anti-malware programs, minimizes the chances of any loopholes in the program's security, ensuring that viruses, malware, and remote "hackers" stay out of ... Read More

How to recognize and protect yourself from Cybercrime?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 07:03:01
If someone steals your wallet, they will only be able to get money; but if someone hacks your system, your whole life with what you do and where you go will be in front of him. So, yes, cyber threats are real things and can be extremely dangerous. As most of the people these days store all their information online, it becomes crucial to know how you can recognize and protect yourself from cybercrimes.How to Recognize a Cybercrime?Identity theft is the illegal use of someone else's personal information to obtain money or credit without informing that person. And it is ... Read More
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