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Is paying for an Antivirus Software worth it?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:26:03
Many of us in today’s age use anti-virus software to protect our PC from viruses, but out of the ones we use, how many of them are paid? The study from 2019 says that only 18.6% of people use paid antivirus software legally. The rest all either use the free software or use pirated and cracked versions of the paid software. It’s essential to know that free antivirus software has hidden costs behind them that you may not be aware of.Is it worth paying for an anti-virus software?Like the way you invest in a good system, it’s crucial to invest ... Read More

What is a Backdoor?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:23:35
As the name suggests, a "Backdoor" allows someone to enter your house, not from the legal way that is the front door. In technical terms, the backdoor is any sort of method which allows any organization, hacker, or even government to access your system without your permission.A Backdoor can be installed on your system by hackers in the form of some malware application or using your device’s software vulnerabilities.Backdoors are used mainly by hackers for using your data, invading your privacy, crypto-jacking, surveillance, etc.In recent days, hackers have discovered so many new ways to get access to user’s devices and ... Read More

Is it possible to hack a phone by Texting?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:21:04
Hacking someone’s phone nowadays isn’t as rare and complex as it used to be in earlier days. Anyone with a piece of good knowledge can hack others’ devices or systems, and this has been a kind of hobby for today’s kids with technical backgrounds. There are various ways of hacking someone’s system or spying into someone’s device, but in today’s article, we will mainly see-through texting to the device which needs to be hacked. And you feel everything is fine and safe in your device until you get a text message from a hacker asking for that ransom.By now, you ... Read More

Does Factory Resetting an Android Device Remove Viruses and Malware?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:17:46
Around 73% of all mobile users have Android devices. With such a large user base, Androids have become a prime target for cyber attackers to spread their malware quickly in user's devices. Furthermore, since everyone around us saves all their information in an Android device in one form or the other, for cyber attackers, Android has become their primary bank for stealing all the data. Hence, people are always searching for ways to remove these malicious viruses from their phones. The most common way that any average person follows is factory resetting their Android device.Does Factory Resetting Actually Remove Viruses?Does ... Read More

Why do hackers love Public WiFi?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:15:59
We often go to places where we are being provided with Free WiFi, and we connect our devices to that public WiFi thinking that it's free, but how many times do we think of the consequences one might have to face while connecting to that free WiFi?In this post, we will see how public WiFi is home for hackers to find their victims.Public WiFi is Less SecurePublic WiFi or Hotspots are mainly found in places like hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., where people usually go in large numbers and more frequently.Using a public WiFi may seem harmless in checking ... Read More

Why does cleaning a computer matter?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:13:38
Before starting this article, let me tell you something that you might not be aware of; that is February 13th every year is known to be "Nation Clean Out Your Computer Day".By cleaning, we do not mean cleaning off the dust from your hardware devices like your CPU, cleaning your desktop screen, or arranging your PC table, which most Indian mothers typically do once a week while dusting the house. Here, cleaning your computer means removing the unwanted files and software from the system, keeping your hard drives free from unwanted storage, and keeping all the required programs up to ... Read More

What is Spoofing and what are its types?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:12:14
Technically, the term "spoofing" means an attempt or attack in your network security without your knowledge pretending to be someone else.They are not to steal your data, gain access to your system, and invade your privacy.A prevalent example of spoofing is sending mail from a false sender’s address pretending to be someone and asking them for their sensitive data or giving a link to some malicious website or app.There are so many types of spoofing, but these days, these ten are the most commonly used, and hence having awareness about them might save you from the trouble −ARP SpoofingHere, cyber ... Read More

What is Discord Virus?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:09:55
Before knowing what a Discord Virus is, I feel you should be learning what is "Discord". It is one of the most popular VoIP chatting applications of recent times, primarily used by gamers to interact while playing games.Since it has a vast user base, it is always in the eyes of cyber attackers to spread their malware quickly, and these malware programs spread through the discord application are termed discord viruses.Cyber attackers use various techniques to attract discord users to install malicious programs in their systems. They fool users in multiple ways like fake games, utility software, pirated applications, etc., ... Read More

What is Smishing?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:08:20
We all would be aware of the term Phishing. Smishing is a kind of Phishing that uses mobile phones as its platform to collect all the personal details like bank account numbers or passwords. And as the name suggests already, they Phish through the text messages known as SMS in phone language, therefore, termed SMiShing. It is also sometimes referred to as text Phishing.SMS stands for short message services, and Smishing uses these text messages as most people trust phone messages more than an email because they think finding a phone number for some unknown person is complex compared to ... Read More

What is PDF Virus?

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 17-Aug-2021 06:04:48
As we all know, the main factor that cyber attackers use to spread their malicious viruses is a huge user base. Currently, there is no better medium in sharing documents than sharing them in the form of PDF in terms of having a huge user base. And that's why PDF devices have become a prime target for cyber attackers to spread malicious viruses.Since Pdf also contains few dynamic elements, hackers can execute a code or program on your system. For example, it can have hidden or encrypted files or may include suspicious flash files. Also, since JavaScript is used here, ... Read More