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What is Social Engineering Attack?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:19:07
There are various ways cybercriminals conduct illicit activities. With the advancement in security technology, it has become challenging for them to deceive the security programs and attack the device. So, they are using the traditional technique in modern ways to infiltrate the system. This technique is known as the Social Engineering attack.In this post, we would discuss what Social Engineering attack is, how it is planned and performed, and how to prevent it from happening to you.What is Social Engineering AttackThe Social Engineering attack is one of the oldest and traditional forms of attack in which the cybercriminals take advantage ... Read More

What is Scareware?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:18:19
While browsing the Internet, many users might have received a pop-up alerting them of a virus attack on their system and asking for downloading an application to remove that virus. In anticipation of removing the virus, users download that application which is, in fact, a malicious program known as Scareware.Let us talk more about Scareware and learn how to deal with it.What is ScarewareScareware, also known as Fraudware, are malicious computer applications that pretend to be helpful to the user. As it is clear, the word Scareware is the combination of two terms, Scare and Software. It is basically the ... Read More

What is Rootkit?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:17:43
There are certain malware programs that are more dangerous than the others because of the level of havoc they create and the difficulty in detecting them. Other than the Ransomware and Trojans, most organizations are afraid of the Rootkits.Let us understand what Rootkit is, why it is considered one of the most dangerous cyberattacks, how it can be utilized, and how to prevent a Rootkit attack on your system.What is RootkitA Rootkit is a malicious computer program that provides the root level, i.e., the admin-level privileges, to the attacker behind it. The term Rootkit is derived from two words, Root ... Read More

What is Riskware?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:16:56
On the Internet, you will find many legitimate programs whose functionalities are misused by intruders to carry out malicious activities. Such applications are known as Riskware.Let us discuss more on Riskware and how to prevent their attack.What is RiskwareThe term Riskware is coined using two words Risk and Software. Riskware is a legal program, but its functionalities and weakness can be exploited by cybercriminals for carrying out illicit activities. The attackers can use it to their advantage to delete, edit, block and perform other modifications on the files and applications of your system. It can also slow down your network ... Read More

What is Phishing?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:03:54
Cybercriminals can go to any extent to infiltrate systems or networks with malware programs and perform illicit activities. They use several techniques to do that; one of those is the Social Engineering attack. One of the most dangerous and widely performed Social Engineering attack forms is Phishing, In this guide, we would know in detail what Phishing is, how it is performed, its examples and how to stay protected from it.What is PhishingPhishing is a type of Social Engineering attack in which the victims are psychologically manipulated to provide sensitive information or install malicious programs. It is similar to 'fishing.' ... Read More

What is Malvertising?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:03:38
Today Internet users see ads everywhere. While browsing the Internet, watching videos, playing games, advertisements are everywhere. Because of the popularity and reach of the ads to a larger audience, cybercriminals are using it as a medium to spread malicious files, and this is where Malvertising comes in.In this post, we would get to know what Malvertising is, how it works, its types, and how to protect against Malvertising.What is MalvertisingMalvertising is the term used for legitimate advertisements that intentionally or unintentionally promote malware programs. The term Malvertising is the fusion of two words, Malicious and Advertising.Most Internet users confuse ... Read More

What is Drive-by Exploit?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:03:14
One of the deadliest methods used by cybercriminals to infiltrate malware programs into the system is by infecting a website so that when a user visits it, the malicious program would automatically load to the system just by navigating to the malicious page's link. Such a malicious trick is usually known as Drive-by Exploit or Drive-by Download.Let us know more about it and learn how to prevent it from happening to our systems.What are Drive-by exploits?A Drive-by exploit is one of the most efficient ways to infiltrate a system as it does not require much human intervention for the attack, ... Read More

What is a Zero-Day Attack?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:02:48
Cybercriminals are getting more and more exceptional in releasing and spreading their malware to a greater extent in today's world. They always tend to look for a lead to create havoc, and one such weak link is the security vulnerabilities in the software. Though software programs developed by the big organizations go through vigorous testing before coming out for the end-users, they are still not perfect.Suppose a software is launched and a group of cybercriminals gets their hands on the vulnerability before the developer or the tester. In that case, the attackers can use that vulnerability to their advantage and ... Read More

What is a Fileless Malware?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:02:07
With the advancement in security, cybercriminals are inventing unique techniques to perform malicious tasks. One such unique threat is Fileless Malware.Let us discover what this Fileless malware is, how it gets entry into a system, why can't security programs detect it, and some measures to prevent it.What is a Fileless Malware?Fileless malware is a unique type of malicious program whose attacking technique is entirely different from the regular malware programs. Generally, cybercriminals introduce malware files into the device to infect it. Over the years, malicious programs like Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware, and others have created havoc by getting into the system ... Read More

Explain different types of Social Engineering Attacks?

Updated on 07-Jun-2021 10:01:47
Social Engineering attacks are malicious assaults carried out by taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of users and manipulating them into installing malware programs or providing sensitive information.Conducting a Social Engineering attack is not easy, and cybercriminals use different techniques to do so. In this post, we would discuss the top ways through which Social Engineering assaults are carried out.PhishingPhishing is one of the most common malicious attacks on the internet. It is similar to fishing. While in fishing, the food is used as bait to trap fishes; in Phishing, fake irresistible offers or virus alerts are used as ... Read More
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