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How to specify the file path in a tkinter filedialog?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:44:18
Tkinter offers several built-in functions and class library methods to build components and user-actionable items of an application. filedialog is one of the tkinter modules that provides classes and library functions to create file/directory selection windows. You can use filedialog where you need to ask the user to browse a file or a directory from the system.You can also specify the location of the directory from where a particular file should be picked up. To display the filedialog that starts from a particular location, use the initialdir = argument in the static factory function askopenfilename(initialdir=). This function creates a ... Read More

How to set padding of all widgets inside a window or frame in Tkinter?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:42:47
Padding enhances the layout of the widgets in an application. While developing an application in Tkinter, you can set the padding in two or more ways. The geometry manager in Tkinter allows you to define padding (padx and pady) for every widget (label, text, button, etc). To set the application component and its properties look and feel consistent, you can define the values in a variable. The values can be further used to define the padding of the widgets. Let us understand this with an example.ExampleIn the following example, we will create a frame inside which the widgets are defined. ... Read More

How to close only the TopLevel window in Python Tkinter?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:40:56
The Toplevel window is an option to create a child window in an application. It works similar to the default main tkinter window. We can configure the size of a Toplevel window, customize its properties and attributes as well as add widgets that we want to build the component with.For a particular application, if we have defined a Toplevel window, then we can close it using the destroy() method.ExampleIn the following example, we have created an application that contains a button to open a Toplevel window. The Toplevel window or child window contains a label text and a button to ... Read More

Difference between .pack and .configure for widgets in Tkinter

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:39:18
We use various geometry managers to place the widgets on a tkinter window. The geometry manager tells the application where and how to organize the widgets in the window. With geometry manager, you can configure the size and coordinates of the widgets within the application window.The pack() method in tkinter is one of the three geometry managers. The other geometry managers are grid() and place(). The pack() geometry manager is commonly used to provide padding and a way to arrange the widgets in the window.To configure the properties and attributes of a widget explicitly after defining it, you can use ... Read More

Python Tkinter – How to export data from Entry Fields to a CSV file?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:37:34
The Entry widget is used to accept single-line text strings from users.Text widget − Displays multiple lines of text that can be edited.Label widget − Displays one or more lines of text that cannot be modified by the user.Importing tkinter, csv and creating the main window. Name the output window "Data Entry"(any name for output window) and Create three functions based on the output you need. Here the function of add, save and clear is built in to make the buttons work functionally.After providing the input in the window, click the add button. The add function will display a message ... Read More

How do I paste the copied text from the keyboard in Python?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 12:56:37
Python offers many built-in libraries and modules which provides a way to implement the additional features in developing various python applications. pyperclip is one of the cross-platform python modules to implement the copyandpaste operation in any Python application. To use it in Python application, you've to install it using the following command, pip install pyperclipThe practical use-case can be implemented by developing an application which copies the text from the clipboard and displays on the screen. Additionally, we can also display the copied text in an Entry widget or Text widget which accepts the user input in the form of ... Read More

How to bring a dialog box to appear at the front in a Tkinter module of Python?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 08:15:45
Python Tkinter has many built-in functions and methods that can be used to develop fully functional desktop applications.The role of dialog boxes is to create a temporary window to ask and retrieve the user input. The dialog box can contain any additional information, for example, asking user permission to execute a specific task, opening and performing other threaded applications, and much more.Tkinter provides many built-in libraries like messagebox, simpledialog and filedialog library to implement dialog boxes applications. You can customize the message and options on the basis of your application needs.Bringing the dialog box to the front blocks all the ... Read More

How to directly modify a specific item in a TKinter listbox?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 08:13:47
Tkinter is a Python-based GUI application development library which is generally used to build useful functional desktop applications. The Listbox widget is another tkinter widget, which is used as a container to display a list of items in the form of a Listbox.To define a list of items in a Listbox widget, you'll need to create a constructor of Listbox(root, width, height, **options). You can insert as many items as you want to display in the listbox.Suppose you want to modify a specific item in a tkinter Listbox, then you can first create a button to select the item from ... Read More

How to change the background color of a tkinter Canvas dynamically?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 08:11:43
The Canvas widget is one of the most useful widgets in Tkinter. It has various functionalities and features to help developers customize the application according to their need. The Canvas widget is used to display the graphics in an application. You can create different types of shapes and draw objects using the Canvas widget.To change the background color of the Canvas widget, you can use the configure() method. Here, you can specify the background color of the Canvas widget which you want to change explicitly.ExampleIn the following example, we have created a canvas widget with a default background color "skyblue", ... Read More

How to explicitly resize frames in tkinter?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 08:10:07
The Frames widget in tkinter is generally used to display widgets in the form of a container. The Frame widget works similar to the default window container. The geometry and size of the frame widget can be configured using various geometry managers available in the tkinter library.Considering the case, if you want to configure the size of the frame explicitly, you can use the pack() geometry manager by specifying the side and padding property. The pack() geometry manager gives proper accessibility to the widget for resizing.ExampleIn the following example, we will create two frames and resize them using the pack() ... Read More