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How to temporarily remove a Tkinter widget without using just .place?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 11:04:39
To place Tkinter widgets inside a Frame or a Canvas, you can use various geometry managers. The geometry manager allows you to set the layout of the widget and how they will appear in the tkinter window. The place() method is one of the simplest geometry managers which is used to set the position of a widget relatively and explicitly to the window. We can also use the place() method to separate the widgets from each other, as it supports the relative property to position the widget with respect to others.In some cases, if you want to temporarily remove a ... Read More

How to center a label in a frame of fixed size in Tkinter?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 11:02:47
Tkinter is a GUI toolkit in Python used to build desktopbased applications. Tkinter provides several widget functionalities and class libraries to develop various components of an application. The Frame widget is one of the widgets that works similar to the standard tkinter default window. You can place as many widgets as you want in a Frame widget. You can also customize the properties like resizing the frame, its background color and also the layout using geometry managers.ExampleSuppose we need to create an application in which we want to create a Label widget inside a fixedsize frame. The Label widget must ... Read More

How to display a tkinter application in fullscreen on macOS?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 28-Dec-2021 07:24:57
Tkinter is a Python GUI toolkit, which is widely known for developing full-fledged functional desktop applications. Tkinter provides many built-in libraries, widgets, and modules to develop any kind of application. You can use the factory and class library functions to implement additional functionality of the application.Since Tkinter is a cross-platform GUI library, an application programmed in Windows can run in macOS as well as Linux devices. However, some functions don't support cross-platform ability for which you have to refer to the additional factory method or function specified in the documentation.ExampleFor example, if we want to display a tkinter application in ... Read More

Ask a user to select a folder to read the files in Python

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:57:52
If you have ever wondered how the dialogboxes work in a Python application, then you probably end up hearing the filedialog module in Tkinter. The filedialog module contains a number of built-in functions which can be used to display various types of dialogs for dealing with files in the system.In most cases, we use the filedialog.askopenfilename() function to ask the user to browse and open a file from the system. Based on the selection of the filetype, the script is programmed to perform write or read operation.Once a file is opened, you can use the open(file, 'mode') function to open ... Read More

Get the value from a Tkinter scale and put it into a Label

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:55:40
The Scale widget in tkinter allows you to create a visual scale slider object in your application which is used to specify the value using a specific scale. To implement the Scale object, you have to first create a constructor of Scale(root, **options). Here you can specify the properties and attributes of Scale such as command, background, label, length, orient, etc.Since the Scale widget is used to select specific values by dragging the slider, we can get the current value of the scale in a label widget. To retrieve the value of the Scale, use the get() method that returns ... Read More

How to get a string from a tkinter filedialog in Python 3?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:53:38
To interact with the filesystem in a tkinter application, you can use the Tkinter filedialog module. It provides a way to deal with the files in the system. The filedialog module offers many built-in functions to help developers create a variety of file dialogs for the application. You can use any of the filedialog functions in order to implement a dialog in your application.The most commonly used function is filedialog.askopenfilename() which generally creates a dialog asking the user to open a file in the given program interface.ExampleSuppose we want to get a string or the filename which we open using ... Read More

How to bind all the number keys in Tkinter?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:51:17
While developing a Tkinter application, we often encounter cases where we have to perform some specific operation or event with the keystrokes (on keyboard). Tkinter provides a mechanism to deal with such events.You can use bind(, callback) function for each widget that you want to bind in order to perform a certain type of event. Whenever we bind a key with an event, the callback event occurs whenever a corresponding key is pressed.ExampleLet's consider an example. Using the bind("", callback) function, we can also bind all the number keys to display a message on the screen such that whenever a ... Read More

How to make specific text non-removable in tkinter?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:49:40
In Tkinter, users can input text using two basic text input widgets − the Text widget and the Entry widget. The Text widget is generally used to accept multiline user input, whereas in an Entry widget, the user can type only singleline text.You can customize these widgets and add additional functionality using built-in library functions and methods. To validate the input in an Entry widget, you can use the register() method. This method returns a string that can be used to call the function at later stages.To validate the input in an Entry widget, use the config(**options) method and pass ... Read More

How to show multiple Canvases at the same time in Tkinter?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:47:51
The Canvas widget is one of the versatile widgets in Tkinter which is used to create illustrations, draw shapes, arcs, images, and other complex layouts in an application. To create a Canvas widget, you'll need to create a constructor of canvas(root, **options).You can use the factory functions to create text, images, arcs and define other shapes in the canvas. In some cases, if you want to create another canvas using the same canvas to keep the application workflow consistent, then you can create a button to call an event that creates another canvas.To understand this, let us create a canvas ... Read More

Getting the Cursor position in Tkinter Entry widget

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 22-Dec-2021 10:46:22
We are already familiar with input forms where various single Entry fields are created to capture the user input. With Tkinter, we can also create a single input field using the Entry widget. Each character in the Entry field that the user enters is indexed. Thus, you can retrieve this index to get the current position of the cursor by using the index() method. To retrieve the current location of the cursor, you can pass the INSERT argument in this function.Example# Import required libraries from tkinter import * from tkinter import ttk # Create an instance of tkinter window ... Read More