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Why do the employers interview a candidate before selection?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 11-May-2022 07:36:31
Every organization wants the best of employees to be a part of it. This requires a sound and effective recruitment system. The selection process is an integral part of recruitment. The selection involves two main methods - 1) Assessments/Tests and 2) Interview. The assessments and tests are basically examinations that shall include logical reasoning, ability-based tests, subject-based tests, etc that check the Knowledge component of the candidate.An interview which generally happens after these tests is a face-to-face question-answer based assessment/ meeting that happens to qualify the candidate for the final placement. It is very important to conduct a face to ... Read More

What is Human Resource Management?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Human Resource Management (HRM) is a discipline in the broad dimension of management where the study of practices that influences and affects people who work in an organization is conducted. It facilitates the coordination of the Human resource, who are the most important part of an organization.Developing the skills of the personnel, providing the personnel with the necessary training, giving them continuous motivation are all part of Human Resource Management. HRM is a relatively new discipline which brings fresh perspectives and outlook in an organization because it considers manpower as an asset of the organization.In the era of the Industrial ... Read More

Multiplexes who are charging over the MRP are registered with cases!!!

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
The Legal Metrology Department of Telangana has issued strict guidelines to all Multiplexes and Cinema Halls in Telangana that from 1st August 2018.Packaged Commodities should be sold only at MRP. Charging more than MRP is illegal.Food items that are sold in loose must be printed with weight, quantity, manufacturing date, expiry and MRP on them.After making these rules, the Legal Metrology Department team has conducted surprise checks in the cinema halls in Hyderabad on 2nd August itself to check whether they are following the rules or not and registered cases in Prasads Imax, GVK one, PVR, Cinepolis and Asian Radhika ... Read More

What are the things that make good employees quit a company?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 13:52:19
Retaining the best people in your organization is truly an art and requires a lot of effort in different ways right from appraisal to allocation of responsibilities. While the HR team in the company tries their level best to keep the employees satisfied, there are different factors that eventually lead to good employees quitting a company.ManagementA manager plays a very important role in giving effective feedback to his colleagues. She/he is a mentor and coach in bringing out the best in an employee.However, when the manager starts becoming bossy, hostile or arrogant, the employees function in fear rather than freedom.A ... Read More

What are the best tricks to manage multiple tasks at the same time?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 13:57:09
Life is no longer a simple journey. It is complex and tiring and requires a lot of work to be completed within a short spell of time to meet arduous deadlines. Hence, it is extremely important to understand the tricks and hacks in the art of multi-switching rather than multi-tasking which helps a person do many things in one day with dedication and concentration in totality.Make A Schedule and Write It DownMany people fail to deal with multiple affairs at the same time and get stressed out due to the simple reason of not scheduling it properly. Write it in ... Read More

How can management ensure working women’s safety on their premises?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 14:02:08
Women in today’s world are taking major positions in different sectors and are performing extraordinarily well in their work roles. The contribution of women is extremely crucial for the inclusive economic development of the country. The principle of Gender Equality is enshrined in our constitution and the feminist movement in the late 1970s strengthened the concept. If we want women to succeed in their work lives, it is important to create a safe atmosphere for a woman to give a holistic contribution. Let's know how:Infrastructure FacilitiesIt is extremely important to keep the infrastructure facilities extremely strong in any workplace. Proper ... Read More

What are employee retention and employee attrition?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 09:52:59
Employee RetentionEmployee retention is the ability of an organization to retain its employees. Usually, if 80% of employees stick to that organization for a given period, we can say that the particular organization has good employee retention.It is very important for an Organization to hold the employees for a longer period of time and maintaining a good retention rate using various policies and practices. Employee retention techniques have to implemented carefully to retain their employees for a longer time. It is very true that an organization survives with a bunch of employees who work towards a defined goal for a period ... Read More

To what extent are body tattoos acceptable in corporate offices?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 05-May-2022 06:28:43
Gone are the days when Tattoos were seen on the arms of sailors, football players and rock stars. Now nearly half of 18-40-year-olds have at least one tattoo on their body. The tattoo has become a way of expression.Until recently, HR Managers were reluctant to hire somebody with a visible body tattoo. A spider web crawling over the neck of a Sales Manager may drive away the client. Psychological research says that tattoos and risk-taking behaviors go hand in hand.But with the increasing prevalence of tattoos, especially among people below 35, the human resource managers are bending a little. They ... Read More

What is the employee turnover rate?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 04-May-2022 11:39:26
Employee turnover rate is a key indicator of a company's performance. It refers to the percentage of employees who leave the organization during a particular period of time, say one month.Employees may leave due to resignations, terminations or retirements. The total employees at the starting of the month (A), the employees at the end of the month (B), and the number of employees left during the month (X) are taken into account to get the average employee turnover rate.Avg = (A+B)/2 -- adding both A and B divided by 2 gives you average employees of that month.Divide the number of ... Read More

Of the following three phenomena, which one best describes "Paradigm Shift"?

Om Sharma
Updated on 25-Apr-2022 11:52:48
Suggested by Thomas Kuhn, Paradigm Shift is a scientific revolution, which completely changes the way we all usually look at things. Apart from this, the role of science cannot be denied in making a belief strong through scientific reasons.CategorizationPeople often argue about the category of Paradigm Shift and put it into the basket of their own convenience. However, Kuhn believes that Paradigm Shift is more a result of different scientific evolution rather than a natural shift. It is more than just a theory and an overall view of a phenomenon, often banking upon a few concrete fundamentals.What Is It All ... Read More