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Why is Napoleon Bonaparte called a Great War strategist?

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” is a famous saying by Napoleon Bonaparte.Napoleon was both a great warrior as well as an adroit strategist. He had a keen eye on each and every aspect in the battlefield, such as where the artillery, cavalry, and infantry should be placed to attack the enemy forces, when the army should move forward and how etc.The war tactics used by Napoleon were the key secret to his success. The formations of infantry in battlefields such as column formation, line formation, infantry square etc. and clever usage of cavalry (men with ... Read More

Which battle was Napoleon Bonaparte's greatest victory?

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It is the Battle of Austerlitz which is also known as the Battle of three Emperors and is considered as Napoleon's greatest victory in history. The battle of Austerlitz which was held on Dec 5th, 1805 resulted in a tremendous victory for Napoleon.He executed his complex and inexplicable war strategies where he had placed artillery, cavalry, and infantry accordingly in the battlefield. In spite of having lesser army than the enemies, he won over them with his strategy.Valour Par ExcellenceThe Russo-Austrian force of 85, 000 couldn’t let Napoleon’s courage down and he succeeded in enticing the emperors Francis I and ... Read More

Which great rulers were known as great strategists?

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There were many mighty rulers in History who won battles with their greatest war strategies. Such rulers were located all around the world and their expertise was exposed in some prominent wars.Indian Kings such as Chhatrapati Sivaji who introduced guerilla warfare and Babur who introduced Cannons, Alexander the great who used to guide his cavalry into the wrong direction, to trick his enemies, and Raja Raja Chola who won many wars are all great rulers who have proved themselves as great strategists.One of the wisest minds on this earth, Kautilya who is also known as Chanakya though was not a ... Read More

Which great rulers made great reforms?

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Though there were many mighty rulers in India who made great reforms that had changed the world in many ways, I believe Emperor Ashoka and Akbar the Great were the prominent ones in Indian History.AshokaWhen it comes to rulers and remarkable reforms, Emperor Ashoka who was a great warrior, ruler, reformer, philosopher and also a great follower of Buddha. Ashoka was a mighty ruler who fought many wars, for the expansion of his kingdom. It was the bloodshed in the war of Kalinga that made him took up Buddhism.Ashoka’s reforms such as efficient civil services, fair land taxation, and rules ... Read More

What are the interesting facts about the Nobel Prize?

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Nobel Prize is the award given to men and women to honor their work in physiology, physics, chemistry, medicine, literature or for work in peace. It started in 1901 by Alfred Nobel. Between the years 1901 and 2016, the Nobel Prizes were awarded 579 times to 910 people or organizations. Few organizations or people were awarded the Nobel Prize more than once, thus making the count to a total of 23 organizations, and 881 individuals.The Nobel Prize is regarded as the most esteemed award given to a person in all the available fields like literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, peace. The ... Read More

What were the ideals of French Revolution?

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Duration of French Revolution −14 Jul 1789 – 9 Nov 1799IDEALS OF FRENCH REVOLUTIONThe ideals of the French Revolution are Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Let us take these up one by one.LibertyLiberty or freedom was with regard to 18 the century, liberty meant freedom from all sorts of torture and abuse. Another example of state oppression was the censorship of publications containing criticisms of the monarch, the aristocracy or the church.EqualityThe taxation system witnessed the difference in treatment of different people. There were the bourgeoisie and the Third Estate at that time as the two classes. The bourgeoisie was more ... Read More

Why did Alexander aspire to win the whole world?

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Alexander, the great Macedonian emperor, is known to have conquered the world. Though his intention was to win Persia first. According to the ancient Greeks, his empire consisted of most parts of the world among which the Macedonian empire was the greatest of all. However, in reality, he did not conquer the WHOLE world, yes but he did WANT to.He first wanted to win Persia because there was a clear animosity between Persia and Greece since Persians have enslaved several Greek zones in the past. Therefore, it was more of a revenge in his mind when he started.Alexander was impressed ... Read More

Why hasn’t football lived up to its potential in India despite having a history of more than a century in this country?

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Just imagine a hundred-year-old coconut tree that has grown to a height of 70 feet but produces coconuts that are no larger than beetle nuts! That's pretty much the case with the 150 year legacy of Indian football. Having said that, let's first rejoice a milestone that our footballers recently achieved - India is back in the top 100 in a list of over 200 nations where the game is played. Now, if that is compared with India's overall stature as a nation of 1.3 billion souls, it would appear grossly inadequate and unsatisfactory but we need to appreciate the ... Read More

Indians are the best kabaddi players in the world which means they have the basic grappling and dodging skills needed in rugby. So, why isn’t rugby growing in India?

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The perception that rugby is not growing in India is wrong. The game is arousing much interest among the people in many quarters across the country. With proper exposure and backing, proper talent hunt, coaching camps, and financial support rugby has the potential to become a major sport in India.Brief HistoryThe game was introduced during the British rule and some of the earliest matches were played in 1871 at Calcutta and Madras during the visit of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Galatea. Then in 1872, a match was held in Calcutta between England and a combined team of Wales, Ireland, ... Read More

Why do Naxalites target the Indian army?

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It's true that the Naxalites target the Indian armed forces but have they ever encountered the Indian Army? Not to my knowledge although it can't be ruled out in some remotely exceptional case. One may ask why make such distinctions? After all, what's the difference between the terms 'Indian armed forces' and the 'Indian Army'? Yes, there's a difference, howsoever subtle; and it's necessary to highlight the distinction because it's a technical distinction on the one hand and also a sensitive distinction on the other.Our ForcesThe Indian armed forces includes all the different forces that take part in the defense ... Read More