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AI Conversational System in Attack Surface Areas and Effective Defense Techniques

Jay Singh
Updated on 01-Dec-2022 04:39:29
Artificial intelligence (AI) that enables real-time, human-like dialogue between a machine and a human is known as conversational AI. The fact that conversational AI is a fusion of several technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, deep learning, and contextual awareness, must be emphasized. Chatbots are one of the most popular conversational AI applications because they employ natural language processing (NLP) to interpret user input and carry on a conversation. Voice assistants, virtual assistants, and chatbots for customer service are examples of this usage. As the technology and use cases for these automated dialogues advance, there is a ... Read More

How to Implementing an Autoencoder in PyTorch?

Jay Singh
Updated on 28-Oct-2022 12:29:35
An autoencoder is a method of unsupervised learning for neural networks that train the network to disregard signal "noise" in order to develop effective data representations (encoding). It is a kind of neural network where the output layer has the same number of dimensions as the input layer. In other words, the number of input units in the input layer equals the number of output units in the output layer. An autoencoder, also known as a replicator neural network, duplicates data from the input to the output in an unsupervised fashion. By sending the input across the network, the autoencoders ... Read More

7 Applications of Machine Learning in the Healthcare Industry

Jay Singh
Updated on 28-Oct-2022 12:19:34
Artificial intelligence's machine learning field trains computers to think as people do by teaching them to see patterns, learn from their actions, and make judgments based on past experiences. The rise of the healthcare industry is only one of the many industries that have been significantly boosted by the development of artificial intelligence. Machine learning has altered medical diagnosis, reduced downtime, and enhanced the quality of automated, tailored health recommendations, particularly in the healthcare sector. In the healthcare sector, machine learning algorithms are utilized to extract important data and insights without the need for continuing programming. Healthcare informatics and treatment ... Read More

Understanding Multi-Layer Feed-Forward Neural Networks in Machine Learning

Jay Singh
Updated on 28-Oct-2022 12:17:09
Deep-learning feed-forward neural networks are used in a variety of applications, including computer assistants, search engines, and machine translation. They serve as the foundation for several significant neural networks used today, including recurrent neural networks, which are widely used in natural language processing and sequence learning, and convolutional neural networks, which are widely used in computer vision applications. In this article, we'll discuss multi-layer feed-forward neural networks. What is Feed Forward Neural Network? The most fundamental kind of neural network, in which input data travels only in one way before leaving through output nodes and passing through artificial neural nodes. ... Read More

Breadth-first Search is a special case of Uniform-cost search in ML

Jay Singh
Updated on 28-Oct-2022 12:14:06
In this article we are going to learn about how Breadth-first search is a specific case of Uniform-Cost search in ML. Regardless of who is doing it (humans or AI), they must consider every scenario that might result from changing the starting state to the objective state (if one exists), as well as all conceivable outcomes. The same is true for AI systems, which employ a variety of search methods depending on the desired state (if it exists). What is Breadth-first search? It is an AI search method that explores a tree breadthwise to find the objective.  The most common ... Read More

Cross-Entropy Cost Functions used in Classification in Machine Learning

Jay Singh
Updated on 28-Oct-2022 12:07:40
In machine learning, the purpose of a regression task is to determine the value of a function that can reliably predict the data pattern. A classification task, on the other hand, entails determining the value of the function that can properly identify the various classes of data. The model's accuracy is determined by how effectively the model predicts the output values given the input values. The cost function is one such metric utilized in iteratively calibrating the accuracy of the model that we shall explore below. What is Cost Function? The model attempts to generate a prediction on training data ... Read More

Robust Correlation in Machine Learning

Jay Singh
Updated on 11-Nov-2022 05:55:42
In this Tutorial, we are going to learn about Robus Correlation in Machine Learning. Understanding and evaluating distinct correlations can be useful in a variety of businesses. What is Correlation? The statistical connection between two entities is known as correlation. Alternatively said, it describes the relationship between the movements of two variables. Different data sets can also be used using correlation. You can have guessed how certain events would link to one another in some circumstances, but in other situations, the correlation may have surprised you. It's critical to recognize that correlation does not imply causation. An illustration of the ... Read More

Stock Trends Candlestick Patterns

Jay Singh
Updated on 28-Oct-2022 11:58:50
Even though stock trading might appear daunting, particularly for novice investors, investing the time to learn can help you grasp the fundamental ideas. In order together to purchase or sell certain stocks, investors must use data. Charts, where recognizable forms or patterns might emerge, are frequently used to convey data. Stock Price Prediction with Machine Learning assists you in determining the future worth of business stock and other financial assets traded on an exchange. The whole point of forecasting stock values is to make big money. It is difficult to forecast how the stock market will fare. Other aspects, such ... Read More

TabNet in Machine Learning

Jay Singh
Updated on 28-Oct-2022 11:54:08
In this Tutorial, we are going to learn about TabNet in Machine Learning. As far as we are aware, deep learning models have been increasingly popular for employing to solve tabular data. Due to the relevance and effectiveness of the features, they have chosen, XGBoost, RFE, and LightGBM have been dominating this stream. TabNet, however, alters the dynamic. Researchers from Google Cloud made the TabNet proposal in 2019. The concept behind TabNet is to successfully apply deep neural networks to tabular data, which still contains a significant amount of user and processed data. TabNet combines the best of both worlds: ... Read More

What is Odometry?

Jay Singh
Updated on 28-Oct-2022 11:27:50
In a search and retrieval challenge like the Robo-Rat competition, it is critical for a robot to be aware of its location. It might not seem like a difficult effort to know where you are, but as you shall see, it can be really difficult. People can locate themselves using their sharp vision, long-term memories, and awareness of their surroundings. However, robots do not naturally possess these sophisticated abilities, especially the ones you will be developing for this class. Odometry is one technique that robots use to locate themselves in their surroundings. What is Odometry? The measurement of a robot's ... Read More