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Differences between Anti-Dilution and Pre-emptive Rights

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 13-Jul-2022 10:07:43
Any money put into an investment is going to be at risk. And certain ones provide a greater danger than others. It's possible that the return will be less than what you first invested. Because of this, businesses have devised strategies to protect their shareholders against the possibility of having their shareholdings reduced or eliminated entirely.In this article, we explore anti-dilution and pre-emptive Rights as two strategies for ensuring the safety and protection of investors. Both of these strategies have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's find out what they are, then compare and contrast the two.What is Anti-Dilution Right?The term ... Read More

Differences between Accelerated Depreciation and Straight-Line Depreciation

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 13-Jul-2022 09:57:25
In the context of a company, "depreciation" refers to any form of value loss that occurs during the course of ownership of an asset. The value of the asset decreases as a result of normal wear and tear as well as regular use. It is unavoidable, and the cost will be borne by the owner of the firm.In this article, we will look at two types of depreciation namely, Accelerated Depreciation and Straight-Line Depreciation. Let's investigate the distinctions between the two, and then talk about how you might use each one in your company.What is Accelerated Depreciation?Accelerated depreciation is a ... Read More

Difference between S Corp and C Corp

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 13-Jul-2022 08:43:14
When starting a new business, potential business people often face the challenge of choosing between S Corp and C Corp corporation types. By understanding these two terms, you can save money and time. This article will help you understand the terms’ differences and their pros and cons. S corporation and C corporation are good choices while starting a new business.What is Corporation?A corporation is formed by establishing a document called “articles of incorporation” by registering the documents with the state. Both C corporation and S corporation have some similarities. Owners of both corporations are called shareholders, who elect directors to ... Read More

Difference between Merger and Consolidation

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 13-Jul-2022 07:44:52
The terms "merger" and "consolidation" are frequently used in the business sector. Surprisingly, they are also confused and used interchangeably more regularly. They were hearing someone claim that their company merged with another one but that it was a consolidation or vice versa is nothing new.According to Ohio law, you can legally merge two or more entities into a single company once you combine your firm with another business.Though fundamentally distinct from consolidation, mergers largely follow the same pattern. A clear distinction between the two words must be formed to comprehend their differences. It is necessary to specify the properties ... Read More

Difference between Sole Proprietorship and LLC

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 11-Jul-2022 10:18:26
Sole Proprietorship and LLC are business structures for private companies, with notable differences between them. Many people get confused between them and use them interchangeably; this article will help you understand the difference between Sole Proprietorship and LLC and how they operate in different ways.What is Sole Proprietorship?A sole proprietorship is when an individual, company, or limited liability partnership owns and controls the whole business. This type of business will not have any other partners. This type of business will not have a separate business entity from the business owner, it is considered the same, and the business owner is ... Read More

Difference between Sales and Services

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 11-Jul-2022 10:16:33
Sales and services are one of the most critical features of any business. Although they sound similar, they are different from each other as the role, and purposes of each one differ from the others.What is Sale?A transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives goods, services, and assets in exchange for money is a sale. It is also known as selling goods and services to gain profit. It mainly involves sale agent.For example, while selling a house, the sales representative provides the customer with all the details regarding the house and its benefits compared to the ... Read More

Difference between Residual Risk and Inherent Risk

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 11-Jul-2022 10:14:11
We live in a world where danger lurks around every corner. We make it a habit to weigh the potential consequences of every decision we make in our life. Should we go through that light that's red? Should we put our money in that particular stock? These are possible dangers that might arise, and we keep an eye out for them every day. The same logic applies to the dangers that an organization faces. In point of fact, risks are the basic foundation upon which a company or organization is built. When it comes to risk assessment, businesses have to ... Read More

Difference between Golden Handshake and Golden Parachute

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 11-Jul-2022 08:59:20
Every company has the same goal: to find the most brilliant people possible and hold on to them. The same is valid, in particular, when it comes to high-risk executive employment, in which managers are charged with the task of making dangerous decisions in the best interest of the firm. In order to accomplish this result in the incredibly competitive employment markets, businesses provide significant incentives to their employees.Golden handshake and the golden parachute are two of the most important offers that are available right now. Both of these benefits are quite valuable, so what sets one apart from the ... Read More

Difference between Franchise and Chain

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 11-Jul-2022 08:55:18
Franchise is a business where the Franchise purchases the right to sell the products and services to the capitalist in a legal way. A "Chain" is a cluster of a particular firm of the same brand, contributing the same product or services spread worldwide.What is a Franchise?A Franchise is a type of permission that permits franchise access to a franchisor’s exclusive business knowledge, processes, and logo, allowing the franchisee to sell a product or service under the franchiser’s business. Franchising is a popular way to start a business for entrepreneurs. A huge advantage of buying a franchise has the means ... Read More

Impact and Benefit of Change Management

Sakshi Goel
Updated on 24-Jun-2022 13:04:45
Change Management at Project Level vs. Change Management at Organizational LevelEven with a more thorough explanation, it can be hard to differentiate the certain differences between these two disciplines.Here is a brief side-by-side look at how the two compare.Change Management −Has no excellent instructionIncludes less official processesHas no specific timeframePuts focus on peopleControl the impact of change arising from organizational or project developmentsProject Management −Has well-known instruction and qualityFollows a specific schedulePuts focus on scientific processes and systemsControl the activities of a project to meet specific target and requirementsChange management complements the project management process by helping the mankind of ... Read More