Proven Time Management Tips and Strategies

The most valuable gift you can give someone is your time. Time is the only thing you cannot earn back. Everyone in this world has 24 hours access to the same resources. Some are able to productively use it and get far ahead of their peers. while some are stuck, unable to understand what they did the entire day and how the day could end so early. To be successful, one needs to manage time and not just go with the flow.

Benefits of Time Management

People who can manage their time effectively often report the following positive results on a daily basis −

  • They can get more work done in the limited time that they have.
  • They feel less stressed and more accomplished.
  • Their job satisfaction is generally higher as compared to their peers, who just work mindlessly throughout the day.
  • They have a to-do list and a routine in place.
  • They can easily devote their time to other leisure activities or hobbies.
  • For them, work-life balance is a reality, not a dream.

In this article, we will be discussing the different time management strategies that one can learn and some tips to be effective in time management and productivity.

Top Time Management Strategies

  • Urgent Important Matrix − There are four types of tasks that we generally come across while working. To be productive, we should set our goals straight.

  • Avoid non-urgent and unimportant tasks for the time being.
  • Subordinates should be given urgent but unimportant tasks.
  • Put our wholehearted focus on an important and urgent task.
  • Set aside time after the important and urgent task for the non-urgent but important task.
  • The Pareto Principle − This principle is also known as the 80/20 rule. This principle implies that 80% of the results are driven by the top 20% of the activities done by an individual during the day. In simple terms, the important 20% of the tasks actually make up 80% of the satisfaction and productivity in a day. Instead of mindlessly completing each task assigned, a smart individual can master the top 20% of the task and then delegate the rest of the unimportant and non-urgent work to subordinates or do it in their spare time.

  • The two-minute rule − We generally have a habit of keeping all the chats and mail aside by suggesting that they are too simple and should be done at a later stage. Well, the study shows that any task that would take less than two minutes to complete should be done immediately. This will save time and prevent a large amount of work from piling up. It just takes us 120 seconds, i.e., two minutes, to start some work, and if we do that now, we have already saved up a lot of time by not lazing around.

  • Maintain a daily time log − An individual should be aware of where they are devoting their time in order to determine whether it is worthwhile. To better understand yourself, such as your most productive hours, your working pattern, your strengths, and weaknesses, one must log the time that you are spending on each task. With this, they can keep a record of the time they have to spend on different activities and if they were able to do all that they had planned to do if the time spent on each activity was worth it, and the cost. Maintain the time log for 21 days, and you will have a better understanding of how to be more productive and what time management strategies and tips are best for you.

  • Install Time Management Software − In the digital era, where mindless scrolling, speaking for hours on the phone, binge-watching series on various OTT platforms, and continuous texting and snapping are the trend, effective time management may seem nearly impossible. For being productive and giving your best, one has to keep track of the time that is spent on these digital platforms and the productivity of the same.

Installing a time management app on your phone or device and keeping track of the time you spend is our recommendation. In addition, to keep a log of time spent, one can create to-do lists, maintain the same, and keep writing notes. Some of the trending Time Management applications are −

  • To-do-list
  • Time Tree
  • Focus Me
  • Habit Minder and others.

Tips for Implementing the Time Management Strategies

Get organized and set priorities − Before starting your day, make a list of all the things that you intend to do today, and then maintain the checklist accordingly. This will ensure that there is no mindless gazing on the farm.

Set small goals − Create realistic and doable checklists for yourself. Do not exceed your working limit and then disappoint yourself at the end of the day.

Delegate some of your work − There is no shame in asking for help. Understand the value of your time, and hence delegate some menial tasks to others for better productivity. For example, getting the photocopy, ensuring that the stationery is in place while working, and others.

Spare some time for distraction − Understand yourself and your limitations. We are humans, and no matter how hard we try, we are bound to fall off the productivity wagon on certain days or for certain hours. Do not beat yourself up much for that, and always start fresh.

Stop procrastinating and lazing around − Procrastination will kill all your time management tips and strategies.

Take breaks in between − This will ensure that you are decked out for your next task.

One task at a time − Multitasking may seem lucrative and in trend, but studies have shown focusing on one task at a time draws better results, fewer errors, and saves time.

Take care of your mental and physical health − Falling sick too often may lead to wasting a lot of time. Take care of yourself for better time management and productivity.

These were some of the most popular and effective time management tips and strategies for succeeding at work and school, as well as in life in general. Be self-aware, then implement some or all of the tips mentioned above and excel in your life. The key to being happy and satisfied at the end of the day is effective time management and the feeling of knowing that you have given your best. Your best efforts will ensure you a good night’s sleep.

Updated on: 02-Dec-2022


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