Slack Integrations - The Top 10 Slack Integrations

Slack is a work-together online space for employees in this fast-paced digital world. It is an instant business texting application and a go-to place for employees for all the data and other necessities that they might require while working for the company. It is super organized. With the Slack application, you can collaborate with other team members, chat live in dedicated spaces, share ideas with people on a real-time basis, set deadlines, collect and download information related to projects, connect with humans outside the company, and manage your calendar with ease.

Slack and its limitations

Slack has its own set of limitations. With constant messages popping up, there is difficulty in setting reminders and deadlines or understanding the alignment of different tasks and individuals. To overcome this, slack did the smart thing by introducing the slack directory. The Slack directory lists all the applications one can integrate with Slack, the benefits one will receive after such integration, and a brief description of how the application functions.

Top 10 Integrations with Slack

Time Doctor: A time-tracking application

The most crucial problem with slack is a loss of productivity because of the constant message pop up on different channels. Workers usually lose track of their thoughts, and a lot of time gets wasted. To solve this issue, we can integrate Slack and Time Doctor. Time Doctor helps to keep a record of the time and an employee’s productivity. With Time Doctor, one can easily access −

  • The start time and stop time notifications. They are sent when an individual starts working on a project.

  • It takes random screenshots of the employee’s screen to understand their pattern of work.

  • It also helps the employer to understand how much time in total is spent by different individuals on a particular project.

  • The productivity graphs and charts of an individual are also available with Time Doctor.

Wonder: The memory card for Slack

Project teams often face the issue of half remembering or forgetting certain information. These issues might create bigger misunderstandings and lead to a loss of revenue for the company. With Wonder, remembering things has become easy. You can write important things in Wonder, and this application will ensure users receive the following benefits.

  • You receive mild nudges regarding a particular chat.

  • With Wonder’s AI system, one can get reminders in slack communication channels when a topic is being discussed.

  • Wonder categorizes the information shared with it into different dashboards and memories.

  • Personalized memories are also available to individuals.

Simple Poll: The polling application

Working democratically has never been easy. Instead of waiting for your next meeting to understand the point of view of different functional employees involved in the project, one can have a ballot system. A simple poll helps in −

  • Fast decision-making.

  • Understanding the trend of the employees.

  • Getting recurring feedback.

Statsbot: Data management system

Data is the new engine for the organization to run smoothly. A lot of time is invested by companies to collect and store data, prepare visually appealing dashboards, and get trends from the data. You can automate this process with Slack Statsbot integration. Statsbot ensures −

  • Data is available in user-friendly dashboards.

  • Notifications are received in the case of changes in data analytics.

  • A summary of data and data analysis is available to the leadership team.

  • Data is easily connected from the Slack application.

Tetra: Wikipedia for Slack

With bigger teams and multiple projects comes to the problem of storing data. Tetra can act as the Wikipedia of an organization. With the help of Tetra, organizations can ensure −

  • All the crucial information related to a particular project is stored in one place.

  • This data on Tetra is accessible to all employees.

  • New employees would not have to run from post to post to get certain information.

  • Graphs, charts, and decisions can be made easier with the data available to all.

  • The data is stored in an organized manner.

Ricotta trivia: Employee engagement application for Slack

With the world moving towards digital infrastructure, keeping employees engaged has become really difficult. Good culture and interaction are features that keep an employee in an organization. With Ricotta Trivia, employees can benefit as follows:

  • Employees can play different icebreaker games with other team members.

  • Can interact with members from different functions and departments.

  • Relax with your co-workers with online games at your convenience.

Zonka Feedback: An online survey for Slack

The digital mode of working is bringing in the problem of less social interaction. Employees feel dissociated from the work and organization. Therefore, for better employee relations, an employee needs to feel heard and valued. Zonka integration with Slack ensures the following −

  • Helps in taking real-time feedback from employees.

  • As soon as feedback is submitted, a notification is received on Slack. The feedback loop can be started now.

  • With Zonka, getting customer feedback and notifications on Slack is also possible.

  • Helps in collecting feedback, conducting polls, real-time surveys, and others.

Ntask: Workflow management system for Slack

With slack, there is a dire need for a workflow management application. Ntask overcomes the problem of

  • Setting deadlines and giving recurring reminders

  • An organized dashboard for all the work and the projects.

  • One can add and update projects in Ntask, and the same will be automatically updated on Slack.

Empuls – Reward and recognition application

Employees’ contributions might get swayed away in the thousands of emails exchanged daily. Hence, it is very important to have an application that can −

  • Keep a daily track of the employee’s performance.

  • Write down the escalations faced, and challenges overcome by the employee while working.

  • Note down the individual contribution in a timely manner.

This data is going to be used for appraisals, promotions, and demotions of the employees.

Dropbox: Slack’s cloud storage

With more than 100 communication spaces and data being floated regularly, it is very difficult to keep track of all the files. Dropbox helps

  • Storing excel files, word documents, and PPTs related to a particular project in one place.

  • Helps in keeping the data organized.

  • Makes the data easily accessible to all.

  • Ensures data security and that no data is lost in transit.

With the abovementioned different Slack integrations, an organization can ensure or take care of workflow management, employee engagement, data management issues, and automate a lot of work. Digital working is the future, and therefore one cannot rely on the same age-old tools. These applications, or integrations, make working easy. Not all integrations are worth the cost for an organization, but with this summary, you can make the best decision for your organization.