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File Upload using Angular

Nikesh Jagsish Malik
Updated on 17-Apr-2023 17:03:54
This guide aims to show how to implement file uploading using Angular. File uploads are a crucial component for many websites, allowing users to transfer files from their devices to the server. Whether it be for storing user-generated content, sharing files with others, or downloading files from the server, file uploads play a significant role. Steps for File Uploading with Angular Configuring the File Upload Before diving into the actual file upload implementation, we must first set up the necessary file upload configuration. This involves specifying the server-side script URL that will handle the upload, as well as any additional ... Read More

How to convert angular 4 application to desktop application using electron?

Prerna Tiwari
Updated on 06-Mar-2023 11:29:15
Utilizing web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, you can create cross-platform desktop applications using the popular framework Electron. This article will go over how to use Electron to transform an Angular 4 application into a desktop application. Setting Up Electron Before converting our Angular 4 application to a desktop application, we'll need to set up Electron. Here are the steps to set up Electron − Install Node.js Electron requires Node.js to be installed on your machine. You can download and install the latest version of Node.js from the official website. Install Electron Once Node.js is installed, you can install ... Read More

Difference between constructor and ngOnInit in Angular 8

Sravani Alamanda
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 17:46:31
We can create robust applications using a number of life cycle functions using Angular. As it is the response of the event, the constructor and ngOnInit play important roles in developing applications. May this constructor and ngOnInit terms often confuse us. Constructor and ngOnInit will be available from the life cycle hooks of a component. This will provide extensive benefits to us in developing applications. Let’s check the differences below. Before that, let’s discuss the constructor and ngOnInit in detail. What is the Constructor in Angular 8? Constructor is a default method for a class and is called whenever we ... Read More

Angular 2 Vs Angular 1: Lets Checkout the Changes

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 20-Jan-2020 06:20:43
Since the inception of Angular JS, it has been widely used by many developers worldwide to build their applications. The JavaScript-based open source framework has become popular in developers community due to its great features such as simple and better way to manage MVC components, usage of JavaScript objects and many more.That is the Angular 1 with those great features which made Angular JS a popular and widely accepted framework. But as we know nothing is perfect, there is always scope for improvements, based on that philosophy now it’s time for Angular 2 which comes with many improved features.With its ... Read More

Difference between AngularJS and Angular.

Mahesh Parahar
Updated on 28-Nov-2019 11:06:02
AngularJSAngularJS, is a javascript based open-source front-end framework and is mainly used to develop single page applications on web. It enriches the static HTML to dynamic HTML. It extends existing HTML by providing directives. Its latest stable version is 1.7.7AngularAngular is alternative to AngularJS and it is a major version upgrade to Angular JS. Angular release starts from 2.0. It is very fast as compared to AngularJS. It has modular design, have angular CLI and easy to develop. Angular latest stable version is 9.Following are the important differences between AngularJS and Angular.Sr. No.KeyAngularJSAngular1ArchitectureAngularJS works on MVC, Model View Controller Design. ... Read More

Difference between NodeJS and AngularJS

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 28-Jul-2022 11:40:33
The demand for different programming languages is constantly shifting due to the creation of new mobile and online applications. Additionally, emerging programming languages provide useful capabilities for the construction of powerful websites. A study done by developers at 2020 shows that JavaScript is widely considered to be one of the most popular technologies.Both NodeJS and AngularJS are open-source technologies that are based on JavaScript and are in wide use. AngularJS is a framework written in JavaScript, while NodeJS is a runtime environment that works across several platforms.Angular is a client-side JavaScript framework that allows developers to construct dynamic web applications ... Read More

Difference between Bootstrap and AngularJS.

Nitin Sharma
Updated on 17-Sep-2019 10:36:38
Along with many other frameworks for front end development AngularJs and Bootstrap are two well-known frameworks in the market.AngularJS is widely used for single page application development as it provides MVC architecture with data model binding. On the other hand, Bootstrap uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for its development which makes it comparatively faster.The following are the important differences between Bootstrap and AngularJS.Sr. No.KeyAngularJSBootstrap1Basic DifferenceAngularJs was developed by Google and primarily uses a component concept which makes its developed application more structural.Bootstrap was introduced by Twitter as part of the open-source community with very common libraries such as CSS, Styles, ... Read More

Not able to get the value of radio select setting dynamically in AngularJS

Krantik Chavan
Updated on 29-Jan-2020 06:34:33
To get the value of radio select, add [$index] to each ng-model like the following: India USThe above would give you the result dynamically in AngularJS.

How do I programmatically create a DragEvent for Angular app and HTML?

Lakshmi Srinivas
Updated on 29-Jan-2020 06:26:48
To create a DragEvent, use the protractor API. The official documentation states:The browser.get method loads a page. Protractor expects Angular to be present on a page, so it will throw an error if the page it is attempting to load does not contain the Angular library. (If you need to interact with a non-Angular page, you may access the wrapped web driver instance directly with browser.driver).Use the following pattern as well:browser .actions() .dragAndDrop(myEle, {x:100,y:100}) .perform();

How to set focus on a text input in a list with AngularJS and HTML5

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 28-Jan-2020 08:30:41
To set focus on a text input in a list, try the following code:newApp.directive('focus', function () {    return function (scope, element, attrs) {       attrs.$observe('focus', function (newValue) {          newValue === 'true' && element[0].focus();       });    } });The following is the HTML:{{cue.isNewest}}